"I am going to kill myself"

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"Today I got caught skipping physics class and the principal is going to see me soon, my life is so horrible that I'm gonna go kill myself T_____T"

What was your first reaction when you saw my title ? Every normal human being would be like 'OMG WHY?! Don't la ! I buy you sweets, don't die !' Even if you didn't know me, you would freak out and tell me not to kill myself too right ?

Honestly, don't you hate those people who threaten you they're gonna kill themselves ? I mean if my friend suffers from depression, I'll definitely be there for her, I'll definitely talk to her and I'll definitely not let her kill herself but then, if you're PERFECTLY FINE and just because your boyfriend breaks up with you or you're gonna get screwed from a teacher real bad you're gonna kill yourself, no I don't want to talk to you at all.

"See that huge bright thing up in the sky ? Yeah, thats the sky. The earth revolves around that, not you"

"I'm gonna kill myself" has just became a threat to some people to get attention.
I know some people, who threaten you they're gonna kill themselves if you're mean to him/her. Nobody really knows whether he/she means it so everyone worries, killing brain cells one by one.

They use it SOO much that everyone is slowly getting immune. Its like 'she always say she want die one la, nothing one' and then one day when that person really thinks she wants to commit suicide, nobody gives a shit. Its the same as the boy who called wolf

First of all, why do you want to commit suicide ?
because you think your parents don't love you ?
because your boyfriend left you ?
because you think you have no friends in school ?
Well screw you very much if those above are the reasons why you're posting on facebook telling the whole world that you're gonna commit suicide.

I bet you havent seen this
or this
or this
or this
or even

You think your parents don't love you ? Then what about those kids who have no parents ? You think your life is up when your boyfriend leaves you ? Then what are all the other guys for ? You think you have no friends in school ? Then what about those kids who can't even go to school no matter how much they want to ?

EVERYDAY, people are struggling with cancer, diabetes, HIV. If they think committing suicide can solve everything, then there would be totally no struggles in this world at all.
Sick people are struggling to stay alive, just to spend more time with those they love, and YOU, a PERFECTLY.NORMAL.WALKING.TALKING.HUMAN BEING are telling me you wanna commit suicide.

I have asthma since birth and I never really got to enjoy iced drinks. I always thought people who can enjoy ice cream without thinking they'll have to go to the doctor again are super lucky.
wah big ass picture makes me wanna eat ice cream T___T

I have huge muscular thighs and calf and I always thought people who have smaller thighs are so lucky since they can wear short shorts.
I envy people and used to think I was one of the unlucky ones cos I'm not as pretty as.. megan fox or something but then come to think of it, heck not everyone has a family and friends like mine ! but still it makes me SO MAD, that someone as lucky as you, with all the ice cream you want and the small thighs + calfs wants to commit suicide.

Anyone remembered the mother who cut herself and fed her blood to her baby daughter during the earthquake some time ago ? They were both trapped under the rock and her mother knew she wouldn't survive so she sacrificed herself and let her baby daughter live.
The mother could've chosen to let her baby daughter die and not face this cruel world alone, but she let her daughter live.
If her daughter one day grew up and say 'I don't have a family, I have no one, I'm going to kill myself' then WHAT would her mother in heaven think ?

In a Christian's perspective, Jesus washed away all our sins on the cross,
. He went through all the pain, all the suffering, just to let you live, and you want to kill yourself. Are you crazy ? There is someone who loves you so much and you want to just hang yourself and go ? How much would that hurt him ?

Same applies to every religion out there. There are people out there who loves you. Don't use this cheap method to get attention.

Life only comes once in a lifetime.
Appreciate your life.

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