Monday, September 27

I am busy

I am busy.
I am very busy.
I am very very busy.
I am extremely busy.
I am exteremely very busy.

Okay you get the point, I used to update everyday but I don't get the time noww.
I have like homework to do, facebook to check, and heck accounts folio
The most time consuming, pointless folio every invented in the history of time consuming, pointless folios. I mean I did learn something from it, and thats how to copy smartly without your teacher noticing.

Aih I really wanna blog about something interesting but my creative juices have dried up due to too much of biology. Just the thought of finals which is two weeks + away gives me chills down my spine. I KNOW NOTHING, especially about accounts.

And oh by the way, if I ever give birth to a kid, I WONT give birth to it during exam period. It would be so depressing :/
I'm sorry I'm being an emo beyotch ranting about my life but, omg I cannot accept that Lindan lost T__________T.

Okay this is the end of my pointless post. Thankyou very much please come again and oh FOLLOW ME AR ! :D


HenRy LeE ® said...

aiyoo.. dont so emo la... take care hor! :D

Aik said...

I hate doing accounts folio too! Such a pain in the butt.