Tuesday, September 21

Fake people on facebook

Recently on my facebook homepage,

People nowadays are too open minded.. someone asked me if I wanted to have sex with him.. zha dao

(names censored to protect privacy)

Two people on facebook decided it would be fun to randomly add people, then ask them whether they wanted to have sex or not.
Their walls are filled with 'thanks for the add' so I assume they just created those accounts and yes this two people, one male on female are definitely related.
Their infos both says "fuck off if you don't like me"

WOW THAT IS SO MUCH FUN, I'm gonna go do that to ! NOT. I can't believe how boliao some people can be. Don't they have like SPM/assignments/a job to worry about ?

The guy is pretty low profile so yeah no point talking bout him but the girl, known as Yumiko (not the full name) has like pictures of herself showing half of her breasts, super low cut tees and pictures of her in undergarments.
Walao, I felt like I just clicked into a porn site la -.-"

She randomly added my friend, and started accusing him

Wah she only has sex with winners meh
and the funny thing is, my friend didn't even msg her.

Aiyo but cannot blame her la ! She say so clearly liao she likes sexing whaaat.

To whoever using those accounts :
Gosh, if you're in school, go study la please. Malaysia government spend so much money on you and you spend most of you time trying to sex talk with people on facebook.
If you're not in school, get a job la ! Even IF you're a prostitute, don't sell yourself on facebook, wrong platform my dear :)


Hilda Milda™ said...

*sigh* teenagers nowadays -.-

Jessy said...

well nowadays facebook have alot of this case. Just be careful who u add aite girl!

Elvin said... girls better be careful k..that wong guy is a very dangerous. his friends are all girls so his intentions are clear. pls let others know =]

ken said...

they are dumb ppl on facebook lol =P

Merrinette said...

attention seekers lol
the extreme type!

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Aiseh, if only this can actually be materialized. LOL KIDDING.

John said...

y u did not cover the last pic?