New memories.

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Every year, I remember band night as the night we were closest. Since 2007, band night would be a really memorable day for us, well at least for me.

But now in 2010, you're not here anymore, you no longer care much about what you used to care, and you have forgotten pretty much all the old memories because new memories are far more valuable than the old ones to you. You no longer have the passion for what you used to have, now that you're a totally different person, the guy I used to know, used to love seemed to have just disappeared into thin air.

People change, we just got to get used to it and move on. We just got to leave the past behind and continue looking forward into a brighter future.

Band night was yesterday and it was awesome, even without you this year.
Life is a DVD player with no rewind button, whats in the past remains in the past and those times are never coming back again so its about time I box up all the old memories and start making new ones with these people.

Not alot of members turned up yesterday because some were lazy, some were afraid of the telematch, some didn't want to get wet and some didn't want to waste their time.
For those of you ACS band members who didn't attend, SERVES YOU RIGHT. It was fucking awesome and its pretty sad you didn't know band night is the highlight of our school band :)
Also, thank you all the ex committees who turned up, miss you guys a ton !

Incoming and outgoing committee + ex ex ex band leader Ting Teck Hing.


She's the girl who knows practically everything about every country even though she hasn't been in any of the. The kind of girl who would stalk korean celebrities and know every single detail about them. From their dogs sleeping habits to their every health problem.
She's the girl whom I love very very much :D


Piano theory exam tomorrow ! I've just memorized 14 pages of German, Italian and French terms. Now I know what allegretto, scherzando and allargando means ! omg geng can ! *flex muscles* XDD Isn't it unfair to us ? Cos if there's a French dude taking this exam he wouldn't even have to memorise since its his mother tongue D: Why don't they have like music terms in CHINESE ? I will like totally get full marks on it. pfft. Hopefully I don't fail tomorrow like how I did in every lesson this year. Wish me luck people !

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