Thursday, September 23

Aiyo, where are all the professionals ?

That day, my brother was trying to study for his UPSR exam when the electricity was cut off. To make things worse, even though its the raining season now, THAT PARTICULAR DAY SO HOT CAN. Later we found out some technicians were repairing the street lights or something.

Walao, damn unprofessional la !

Where are all the pro people ?

"Neh ! all chao go other countries liao !"

Seriously more and more pro people are leaving the country.
Everyone should go learn from Namewee.

Q :為什麼不留在台灣發展?! (Why didn't you want to stay in Taiwan?)
Namewee : 因為我愛國 (Because I love my country)

DAMN PATRIOTIC LA HE ! He brought a Malaysian Flag to Taiwan when he went there to study you know. He says it gives him inspiration.
I tell you, everytime I see our flag, I see.................... lines.


p/s : Sorry for being unpatriotic. I love Malaysia very much (: I'm just trying to say, if you had a choice to become rich and famous outside of this country, or stay in this country to work hard for it, Which would you choose ?


mixzyy said...

every time i see our flag i see american flag -.- dont blame me , blame the creator!! so many designs wth they chose the same one US has ! lol

loves fashiondiva X0X0 said...

nice post..L0L!!
see lines!!gosh!!..hilarious!..
erm..for me no effect..=D

Mohd Shukri Fadzillah said...

i see llines also but what to do la, dulu kan kena jajah dengan british, semua benda lebih kurang aje.. sigh.. tak kreatif langsung. i live for myself, i pray for my god, i work for my future.

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

i had the chance to stay back in australia too, but like namewee i chose to go back because i love my country. i simply said that to my malaysian friends back there and they all gave me the "you're stupid, bodoh" look.
i don't blame them. it's my choice. and it's yours too. believe in your choice and do not have any regrets.