Updating from Hanoi

by - 5:30:00 PM

Hi people ! Yse I'm still in Vietnam. Thank god for Wifi.
Vietnam is freaking awesome but well shopping sucks max here.
Everything is so dusty and there's totally nothing to buy. The only thing I've purchased since I've been here is bottles of mineral water. Seriously.
but still I LOVE VIETNAM. There are so many French dudes here.
I just came back from a 2 day 1 night cruise at Halong Bay and there was this French guy about my age who looked TOTALLY HOT. omg.
He's an awesome swimmer and he has a huge six pack.
wtf, but now that I'm back in Hanoi, I'll probably never see him again.

I've yet to eat REAL Vietnamese Beef Noodles.
You know why ? Because my tour guide suck cheeseballs.
After visiting one place, he asks us to go back to our hotel to WAIT for dinner.
He doesn't even tell us where we can go during that few hours.
When we asked him if he can drop us off at a local shopping location, he went like 'aiya, nothing to buy one la, lets not waste our time' but well sitting in the hotel waiting for inner is not 'wasting time' for him.
F mytourguide's L.
When my disabled cousin needed to go to the doctor, he went like 'aiya, nothing to see one la, just go to the pharmacy and get some medicine'
WTF, dude, we bought insurance okay.
He told us 'We're going to a BIG shopping mall soon'. Turns out, his big shopping mall was a store that sells carved wooden statues. Woah, I would totally love to shop there.
When my family wanted to taste dog meat, he went like 'aiya, what to taste, see from the bus can d la ! Parking also not convenient' WTF, I felt like I paid for a talking monkey who has aiya and no need la in everything he says. He promised us he'll buy us bottles of water everyday but he didn't.
He doesn't really explain to us ANYTHING about Vietnam. He only talks about our schedule, and how we should not waste time going to the toilet before pushing off.
Seriously, Vietnam, to me is ruined single handedly by that tour guide.

Tour guide just asked us to stay at the hotel for 2 hours.
Its 4.40 here and I'm waiting for DINNER.
Other than online, there's nothing better I can do.
Therefore, I'm gonna go look around for french dudes and probably that will cheer me up. D:
Suck cheeseballs.

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