Real update on Hanoi wtf

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There are three things you must do while visiting Hanoi,
Watch the traditional water puppet show, visit Halong Bay and go on a ride on a tricycle.
Out of the three, we missed the tricycle ride cos everyone was too sick wtf.
Day #1 Water puppet show

This was the first picture I took after landing in Vietnam.
I'm sorry for being a girl and liking to camwhore ::shrugs::

Say hello to our tour guide. (which everyone hates)
According to him, last month the temperature in Vietnam was 46 degrees Celsius but during winter, it can go as low as 4 degrees Celsius. wtf
I always thought Vietnam was near the equator and was as hot as Malaysia all year long.

Okay, back to the tour guide. I always thought that Taiwan tour guide was the worst tour guide I'll ever meet. Until I met him.
He didn't really explain much to us about Vietnam and everytime he talks, its always about our schedule and about how we're always late -.-
He told us we would be going to a big shopping place later on so we shouldn't bother stopping by markets to buy stuff. Turns out the big shopping place was a place which sells carved statues. wtf double.

When we requested the driver to stop us by a market place, he went like
'buy what buy, nothing one la'
and when the adults wanted to try dog meat, he went
'eat what eat, nothing one la, see from the bus can d'
For the first 4 days, all I bought was bottles of mineral water and I blame him for cutting off my shopping time by asking us to stay at the hotel and wait for dinner.

Anyway back to the first day of Hanoi.
First buffet lunch was really really awesome :)

The restaurant had a hugee garden.

Tons and tons of foood.

Totally Jogoya x2. You even need a map so you don't get lost wtf.

TV Crew from China.
I bet on this channel in China some random day, people will be seeing my face cos I'd made sure I stood right next to the lady when the cameraman was recording the lady cooking wtf.

After lunch, the tour guide brought us to this place where they sell locally made pots.
Tour guides earn commission if you buy stuff from there and do you know how many local shops we dropped by ?! One at least everyday. Fakiu tour guide very much.

Saw tons of barbers by the roadside.

Spot the man shitting in public
People there aren't really hygenic. They don't have like toilets by the highway like we do so when they're on a journey to somewhere and they have to use the toilet, they just go by the roadside and pee/shit there.
Not only by the roadside, even in local parks with kids running around, some ahma would be squatting by a bush wiping her ass. Totally not kidding.

At night,

Famous water puppet show on Dinh Tien Hoang street near Hoam Kiem Lake

In the olden days, girls were not allowed to listen to music played by the instrument that girl is playing because they are afraid the girls will fall in love with the player.
The puppet show was pretty awesome but yeah I nearly fell asleep.

During the show, there were these Japanese boys with cameras sitting in front of me.
Throughout the WHOLE SHOW, they didn't take any pictures at all but right after the curtains closed and the lights came up, they turned around and started snapping pictures of angmoh girls in spaghetti straps. wtf triple.

Day #2 Trip to Hoa Lu for Halong Bay on land

The day I found out Vietnam has no Mcdonalds.
Even Sitiawan has Mcd omg dai. No wonder people here so un-obese.
After a three hour drive from Hanoi to Hoa Lu, we had a two hour sampan river cruise along Halong Bay on land.
Hard cold wooden sampan for two hours was like burning a hole on my butt but it was really worth it. Perfect for nature lovers.

Also a perfect place to take artsy pictures.

Even though mine aren't so artsy at all :B

but still, the scenery was really awesome.

LOL this picture makes me feel like I picked this out from a postcard or something wtf.

Market place.

Row a sampan with your feet for two hours, so much better than a threadmill.

Going through stones, or mountains. Whichever you want to call it lol :)

After the boat ride, we got scammed by this lady who says her toilet (which couldn't be locked and smells worse than the school's toilet) costs rm2.
Mountain climb up to the top before heading back to the hotel.
It rained that morning and all the rocks were really slippery. One slip dai.

and Viet girls are wearing high heels. Pro max.

Thats for today. I have too many pictures of the real Halong Bay waiting to be shared. I would totally vote Halong Bay as one of the 7 wonders of the world. Will post pictures up tomorrow so do come back again :)

After 8 months free from asthma attacks, my asthma is back again.
Thankyou Vietnam. *sigh*
Test is on Tuesday and I haven't studied a thing. Double dai.
Nan Hwa Interact Installation is tomorrow and I don't know whether I should stay at home to study + rest or go. Damn.

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