People you don't feel comfortable with

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Important : If you happen to be in any apple store in Pavillion/Times Square/Lowyat/Lot 10 and you see this blog on any of the macs homepage, I SWEAR I DID NOT DO IT EVEN THOUGH I WAS IN KL YESTERDAY. Thankyouverymuchhaveaniceday.

Everyone has some people they don't feel comfortable with.
Either people who have betrayed you before, cheated on you before, lied to you, slapped you in the face, told you off in public or they're a half naked dude sitting naked with a starwars mask next to you.
Wait, thats star wars right ?
Usually, people will keep a safe distance from people they don't feel comfortable with but what happens when, people you don't feel comfortable with likes appearing right in front of you even when you've tried your best to avoid it ?

I'm in the a shit mood now because yeah its the first day of me being single. I know right, nobody knew I was in a relationship. I just googled for shit and now I feel like vomitting LOL

So yeah, I have people whom I feel uncomfortable with. Like this girl I know, she had some kind of gangster history. (please don't assume you know her because even if you think you do, then you're wrong wtf) She sort of, confronts people with her whole gang of gangsters and they're really hard core on-motorcycle-smoking-tattoo gangsters, not the I-like-butterflies-and-pink-puppies kind of gangsters.
I feel very uncomfortable with her and I've tried my best to put her out of conversations/look at her/go near her because you never know when you're gonna accidentally step on her tail and kill yourself when she's in a bad mood.
But then recently, because of CERTAIN REASONS, I have to face her even though I don't want to. I have to tell her off when she's wrong and everything and no, it is NOT FUN.

Then theres another person, we had some, okay not some, but ALOT of problems in the past. All the bitching, lying, backstabbing ETC ETC. We hardly talked again after I found out some problems about her and my currently exbf. I've tried to keep a safe distance away from her but funnily, she appears in our school one day in January and says she has transferred to our school. EFF THIS SHIT seriously. I mean its not her fault she has to transfer to our school but why does it happen to be smack in my school when there's so many schools in this whole wide world ?

Theres one last person whom I don't feel comfortable with and she's practically the reason why I'm not even laughing while watching Death at the Funeral. That movie is SO STUPID, but hilarious at the same time. Watch watch !
I have a problem with this girl, also relating to my currently exbf whom I have no idea why she's on my facebook friend list.
Today, coincidently she started updating her facebook and she kept on appearing on my homepage. Its amazing how many coincidences can happen in

Or maybe its just cos I'm in a lousy mood and I'm finding faults in everyone, sorry if I totally bored you out with my rants.

I don't hate those people because hating does no good. I'm just trying my best to avoid crashing into problems but noooo, I've just learnt something from someone today.

In life, things don't always go the way you want it to go.

Its hard for everyone to overcome and get used to it because if life really did go the way I want it to go, I would be married to Forever 21 boss's son and will be having every garment in that store. Just kidding, LOL cos if I was that rich, I wouldn't even be shopping in Forever 21 -.-

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