Pangkor Island Beach Resort

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Searching for a way to run away from all the work, studies and all that stress ?
Well I've got the place for you :)

Pangkor Island Beach Resort

I've been living SO NEAR to Pangkor Island for the past 16 years and my impression on Pangkor was this ulu place with only immigrants from Indonesia (building houses), chinese catching fish and malays selling batik wtf.
I've probably been living under a rock or something because Pangkor turns out to be much much more canggih than I expected.
Whats so great about this resort ?
Its relaxing, it has everything (including French lengzais, don't even have to go to Vietnam !) and its cheaper than Pangkor Laut Beach Resort :)

On the ferry ride to Pangkor,

I ish emo boi

Pangkor Island Beach Resort's beach used to be call Golden Sand Beach.
Clear water, soft sand, just look at the golden goodiness.

I ish again emo boi with ManUtd bag.

People welcoming us at the hotel.

The resort is HUGE, this is like 1/1000 of it.

Rooms from the outside. This is the Pacific wing
There's also the Garden wing, Ocean Wing, Villa and the Sea Villa.

Sand sand and more sand :D

The rooms weren't so bad just that its right next to the beach and you'll definitely get some sand into your room. Unless you stay in your hotel room the whole day, which would be a total waste of time and money. They say time is money, so you're probably just wasting money. or time.

If you think there's nothing much to do there except to look at water, sand, water, sand, water, sand and bikini babes, then you're seriously wrong.

Ping Pong, pool ETC.

There's the spa (which is highly overpriced ._.)

There's the couple candlelightdinner at night (Even more highly overpriced but super romantic until cannot say)

If you're a lazy person, you can just laze around like most of the angmohs there.
Seriously, they just lie down there the WHOLE DAY doing nothing until they look like barbecued pork.
Don't like sun ?

They have huge trees and tons of shade.

Hornbill feeding

Tons of activities everyday like golf, archery, night fishing, net pulling, kayaking, tennis, football, volleyball, swimming, jungle trekking, snorkelling, ETC ETC ETC

There's also night activities at the bar

With the cheatone Spice Girls from Philippines LOL

I watched the football match between Arsenal and Blackpool here.
I had to countdown to 90minutes because no I don't like football and I have no idea why guys like them. A really tall and handsome angmoh talked to me there though :D

Burgers and hotdogs right by the poolside. Who sells hotdogs at RM13?! Even Disneyland doesn't sell it that expensive :(

Oh wait, Disneyland does.

That guy posing was the guy who talked to me. *faints*

Girls in bikini, girls not in bikini, semua ade.

The fatties.

Fatties looking at a monkey eating creamer outside.
I wonder who's watching who, considering they're inside and the monkey is outside. LOL

This guy chased me and snarled at me. FHL, I nearly surrendered my camera to him wtf.

For the love of my havaianas

If you're lucky enough, you get to see the sunset :)

Camwhore before going home.
muahaha, now I feel very happy Pangkor is only about an hour away(+ferry ride), honestly, I'm glad we went during puasa period.
It was less crowded and there was more white. Brown would be a little distracting . Not to be racist, I have brown friends, I just think whites are more handsome XDD

I also made a few changes to my blog template (again), so now its really new and IMPROVED.

Oh wait, it can't be new and improved at the same time but whatever.
Damn I know the previous template was prettier but this one more convenient ma ! :)

Oh and btw, youthsays put me in the papers ! wtf. Now I have to be careful of what I say on youthsays or else people would be texting me going :
'shuwen, is that you in the papers ? omg'

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