Off to Hanoi, Vietnam

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Hi people ! I'm so so so sorry for the lack of updates.
I can imagine you guys coming to my blog and going 'DAMN, its not updated, I shall come back next year when she updates or something'
but I've been REALLY busy. First I have the school magazine to tend to, I'm designing pages in the magazine so if one day you see ACS Sitiawan's magazine somewhere, you'll know who did the pages *winks*. Test is two weeks away, and I'm skipping one week of school to go to Vietnam. Yeah, I'm crazy like that, so I'm busy studying now (which isn't really working)
Sometimes I wish I can duplicate myself.

So that I can quarrel with myself all day

Or maybe call myself pretty all day :B

Anyway, I'll be off to KL tomorrow right after school and will be flying off to Vietnam on Friday morning.
There's Biology periods at the end of school tomorrow and I'm secretly (or not so secretly since i'm typing it here) skipping it since the teacher never even knew i existed.
FINALLY After years of eating fake Vietnamese beef noodles, I'm actually gonna taste the real thing woots ! :Dare you drooling now ?

I had a choice to go to Interact Installation this Saturday, or go for a 5 day 4 night trip to Hanoi, Vietnam. Most of my friends told me to go to the Installation but heck, I'm a travel lover, how can I ever miss an opportunity like this ?
Found this picture on top 10 countries to be careful of pickpockets.

I'm gonna go to Halong Bay and totally forget I have test in a week and piano theory exam in 2 weeks.
I'm gonna take tons of pictures, eat tons of good food and forget that I have a WHOLE lot of work at school waiting for me. Gosh I really need this break.
Photos are all found on Google
But then.. I don't think I'll be enjoying much at 40 degrees Celsius. :(

I probably wont be updating for five days.
I might still update if I can find internet connection there though :)
Don't miss me okay people ! If you miss me you can always paste a huge ass picture of me on your bedroom wall and stare at it everyday.

but yeah if you're bored..

Watch this. Yamapi is really getting hotter and hotter *loveee*

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