PMS - Pre merdeka syndrome.

by - 6:08:00 PM

Hi fellow Malaysians, everyone knows, Merdeka is tomorrow.
The day our country was freed from colonies.
I actually love my country very much. We have good food, all the nasi lemak, all the roti canai, and unlike in Japan or Korea, we actually have more than one race and thus we have more than one costume, more than one kind of food but also MORE THAN ONE PROBLEM.

These problems though, would probably resolve, if some people don't ask for 'hak bumiputeras' because honestly, you guys know it yourselves, you guys are no more bumiputeras than everyone of us. Don't ask us to go back to China. We are MALAYSIANS, all of us are EQUAL, we are THE SAME. Does the bold letters ring a bell ?

Merdeka is TOMORROW and you know what ? There are SO MANY racist videos on facebook, everyone is suddenly in the racist mood and everyone is reposting racist vids.
There's one, about the Chinese saying we don't get what we deserve, we don't get scholarships but the Malays can graduate easily. Saying Chinese in Malaysia are not respected and oh btw did you know, the creator of the mighty PENDRIVE is Malaysian ? Sad enough he's Taiwanese now cos nobody appreciated / recognize his diploma or something wtf kan ?

Then there's another one, about the Malay asking Chinese and Indians to all turn Muslim.

For once STOP QUARRELING PEOPLE. How to get along liddis ? Everyone wants to live harmoniously, no ? Where are the equal rights seriously ?

I will vote THIS song a million times over to be our National song. Why ? Because it actually SHOWS perpaduan kaum and unity not just singing about our king, our land, our blood ETC ETC because thats not what our freaking country needs.
I can memorize this song by heart but I still have problems singing Negaraku and in addition to that, this song has Malays, Chinese and Indians ALL IN ONE. Just listen to the lyrics.

Sometimes I really feel proud of my country for everything it has but sometimes, its just plain disappointment. I mean, I'm not racist, okay maybe a LITTLE but still, I have Indian friends, Malay friends and I really do mix well with them.

The source of all these problems are those people who don't even TRY to get well with them and I'm not only talking about the Malays, I'm talking about all the races.
Its just that segelintir of bad eggs that makes everyone rotten you get me ?

So now I want to get to my MAIN reason why I'm writing all these.
Everyone knows Namewee right ? What question kan, of course everyone knows Namewee and not everyone agrees with the way he speaks out.

Btw can someone tell me why he everyday wear that beanie ar ? Make him look like a serial rapist XD

Recently, he posted a video on the racist headmistress, if you hadn't watch it, then its too bad cos its deleted but you can go search on youtube just in case you get lucky.

Well now, the government wants to put Namewee into three years of jail because of that particular video.
I've been memorizing about 'kebabasan bersuara' (right to voice out) in my moral studies. I've been forced to memorize EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. ACCORDINGLY. but seriously, do you think anyone ever applies it ?
Namewee is just voicing out his opinions and if he's going to get locked up because of that, why don't all of us just go dumb because everything is sensitive to some people.

You can't please everybody in the whole wide world. Namewee is our hero, he voices out what we keep inside, just in a more vulgar way, so for all you people who think he hadn't done any wrong, LIKE THIS ON FACEBOOK

Today my friend's dad passed away, and around the time he left, raindrops started falling. Like ALL OF A SUDDEN. I could feel God doing something. He was definitely up there, watching. He was struggling with cancer, and now, everyone knows, he is in safe hands. Life is short, don't take things for granted. May he rest in peace.

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