I come from New Village -- Kg Koh Carnival

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As mentioned in the previous post, Astro came down to Kg Koh for the tv programme called "我来自新村" -- I come from New Village.

It was held in Uk Dih school, Kg Koh. Smack in the center of a New Village.
What the heck is a new village when its been there for over 50 years ?
Its a village where the Chinese were situated when the communist attacked our country idkhowmany years ago. My mum was from that new village.
Unlike some people living in cities/other housing areas, new village people actually know every one of their neighbours.
During that day, there was this guy who originally was from that new village but moved to Petaling Jaya after having a career and all giving a speech. He said, once, near his PJ house, these people broke into someone's home and actually brought a lorry to move ALL the furniture. The neighbours saw it but they didn't say anything because they thought he was moving. Its like they've never even SEEN their neighbours before

Thats the beauty of Sitiawan :) Everyone is sort of connected since the population isn't really big like KL or other big cities.

Okay, back to the event.
The carnival started at 9.

Carnival Kg Koh.

Thats really alot of people gathered in one place for Sitiawan :)

Hosted by Astro.

Main sponsor - Nan Yang Siang Pau.

Tons of overpriced food and games. There wasn't even a wii station LOL

This station gives you a chance to be on TV !

Free kokocrunch + milo !

By the time I squeezed past that crowd, it was all given out :(

Say hello to Mr Cendol.
There was a long line at the fried chicken station so I queued up. I gave up after 2 minutes. It was too hot too crowded. I also queued up for like 1 minute for the char koay teow before giving up and going home :P

Sitiawan kolo mee. One of the best :)
There were kompiang, mee sua and all the Sitiawan food on sale. Didn't take any pics though.
I know most people would be there to taste the local delicacies and stuff but well, that wasn't really my main priority.
I actually went there because..

It was mad overpriced, everything on the belt for RM4, even rice + crabstick wtf.

and guess who was working at one of the kiddy stations ?

YI LIN wtf :)

I went home after that. It was SO HOT, but yeah I had fun walking around alone buying overpriced food wtf.

When I was walking around at the carnival, I saw something that made me really mad.
There was this auntie, carrying a crying 3/4 year old kid. She was walking and shouting + scolding someone. I turned around and saw this 5/6 year old kid tagging along, just listening to her mother shout at her really really loudly while carrying EVERYTHING her mum bought and by everything, it was bags and bags for stuff.
She's only a kid and she was tagging along so far back. What if she gets lost ?
Someone should've called child protection.

Watched Salt at night
Lets just say it was one of the best quality salt I've ever tasted :)


I have test in 2 weeks. I'm skipping school for 1 week starting this Friday to go to Hanoi, Vietnam and I have piano theory exam after test which my teacher predicts I will fail. Terribly. Thankyou August, you just killed me on the second day of you.

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