Tuesday, August 31

HELLO, Justin Bieber !

HELLOOO people :), say hello to someone special.Justin Bieber
I know many boys out there dislike him, but, why are you guys such ANGRY people ? All you haters are giving him all the attention he needs and gosh I bet he definitely HAS to thank you haters :)

So who, is Justin Bieber actually ?
Well if you don't know him, I don't know, you must be living under a rock or you've probably never tuned into any radio channels, EVER, in your life.
Even my parents know JB ! My dad even asked why Baby is always on the radio ! This song is said to be the most viewed Youtube video ever, its has like 305, 975, 909 views ! Wtf I had to go back to the page thrice cos I couldn't memorize the longgggg number.

Well okay they refer him to the guy who sings like a girl but hey, in the olden days, people actually cut their hormones or something to sound like him ! Its totally a GIFT from above, so stop making fun of him !

Justin Bieber is definitely one of my favourite artists. He has the voice, the looks and omgosh the HAIRR. Don't you lovee his wavy blond hair ?

Yes I love him very very much :) Justin Bieber was raised in Stratford, Ontario single-handedly by his mother. He's born on March 1, 1994 which makes him 16 this year. Heck I'm 16, everyone in my class is 16, but nobody in my class drives a Lamborghini.
Okay sorry, thats cos nobody in my country gets their license before the age of 17 but still, he makes me wonder what I've been doing in high school for so long unlike him, having achieved his dreams. He has albums like My world and My world 2.0 and plus he practically have crowds of girls DYING to just meet him.

All this started with him, being noticed on youtube by Scooter Braun. Not everyone can be like Charice, JB, Kevjumba or Nigahiga you know. Its NOT easy to get noticed on youtube with SO MANY people singing on it.

If you sound like him, goodbye dreamsofgettingnoticed. Thanks for trying anyway dude.
You gotta be talented enough to get noticed and thats what JB is :) Talented. He actually had a chance to sing for his idol, Usher.

I can TOTALLY imagine myself acting in front of my idol, Yamapi (google him !)



Not only in the music industry, Justin Bieber will be starring in the season premiere of CSI which is said to be aired on Sept 23 this year ! I hate CSI, but I would totally go watch all the shows he's starred in :)

So all you critics who said he's a girl whose voice had not crack, you need Google because his voice cracked earlier this year after the Baby song. Just compare the song One Time and Never Say Never if you think its just rumours.
Even though there are some people who would laugh at him cos he banged into a glass door / throw bottles at him, he's still GOING STRONG, and will not be brought down by you haters :) Stop hating on him ! Like Nigahiga said, he hasn't done anything wrong, he's not Chris Brown or Chris Black or Chris Blue :)

Just few weeks ago, Justin Bieber took revenge on this Michigan kid called Kevin Kristopik who hacked into his friend's account and accessed his number. Justin Bieber found this Kevin's number and posted on twitter, asking everyone to text and call him. Kesian that hacker! He probably had like MILLIONS of texts from JB fans asking whether he's really Justin Bieber. I dont know why but what he did just made me love him more. He definitely didn't go overboard cos thats what hackers deserve !

Justin Bieber is a great talented singer, gorgeous looking 16 year old and has a totally bright future ahead of him. Nuff said :)


By the way, Universal Music Malaysia (UMM) is trying to bring Justin Bieber down to Malaysia ! So for all you fans of his out there, FASTER LIKE THIS PAGE AND WRITE SOMETHING LOVABLE TO HIM !!

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stfuamie said...

lol i'm not really a die hard fan of justin bieber but i don't know why so many people hate him.