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You must be wondering why they're both Kongs and why they have the same birthdate.
So weird right !
Oh is liddis one, the cacing go find the egg then the egg started to split. At first one then split into two so liddist happen lor, same face same birthday lor.
Identical twins.
Since they're twins, just look at the picture twice lor. :)

Okay wtf, if you've been through PMR you get what I mean la ok.
Anyway, at the start of the year, I promised Megan I would blog about her so here's a blog post specially for Megan Kong :)
Everyone say hi !
Okay here goes.
Megan Kong is well, this girl who was my sister's best friend but yeah we got closer after she became band leader in the year 2009.
People tend to say we look alike. LOL Serious I had a picture of me in my purse which looks exactly like her that even the teachers think I had her picture in my purse wtf.

I must really really thank her for giving me the best year in all my secondary school life. Probably even the best year throughout my school life.
She was like a mother more than a sister. Seriously :) (thats a compliment ar)
She can kelam kabut and complain for a few days but still end up making things right.
Pretty kan ! :D hahaha.

Last time after band practices, she used to fetch me and a few friends out for lunch.
I seriously missed those times being with her.
and really honestly speaking, I didn't say I enjoy going out with her because its the only time I get to go out with my then boyfriend.
Even a phonecall from her saying 'eh want go Chiew ar?' would make my day.
Its like telling a 3 year old kid you're bringing him out to go buy ice cream LOL.

The only time I get to eat lok lok was with her.
My mum always says its dirty and un-hygenic or something but omg I bet my mum hadn't ever felt the feeling of having your loved ones gathered around a steaming lorry eating chao awesome sausages.

Everytime I had problems with my then boyfriend, who is also my now boyfriend (sorry for not telling you guys. This world is liddis unfair one lor) I would go seek her advice.
Well most of the time I don't heed her advice la, but seriously, she's like.. the book of knowledge. She knows all the relationship stuff. LOL
She's also like a walking bible. She talks about God and stuff and she sings really really well :D

Every now and then I still reminiscence the time we spent together (including with Charger, Yi Lin and Eugene). Now that she and Eugene had both gone to KL, Charger has SPM and is graduating this year, I only have Yi Lin left.
I seriously miss those times. Chao regret I didn't take tons of pictures last time.

Bottom line, she's awesome and I chao love her max !
Thank you for giving me the best year of my life.

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