Halong Bay,

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Day #3 Halong Bay Cruise

Halong Bay is simply amazing. I've never seen any of the 7 wonders of the world but I really do think Halong Bay should be one of them.
From the helicopter, Halong Bay is a long stretch of mountains that looks like a dragon from Vietnam right up to China.

2 days 1 night Cruise on Victory Junk.
No its not junk, the boat is called a junk wtf.

Our junk. Love the number, 8888 :)

Out on the deck before pushing off from shore. I look skinny here so I decide to post this picture wtf.

Personally, I think the loudest Chinese are the hock chews. Meet the family of hock chews.

Seafood on the junk for lunch.

Mad atas. Got people help us cut crab wtf.

French bread is loveee.

Okay hello people, meet lengzai French dude again.
There were three French siblings on board and their table is next to ours so yeah most of the time eating I was staring at them more than the view outside.
Coincidentally they stay in the cabin above me so on the first day, I was out at the balcony and the youngest sibling said Hi. wtf. So handsome.

French dude ! If you're reading this (which I really doubt you won't since the world wide web is so... world and wide) but by any random chance you do, my facebook name is shuwen peekaboo okay ? :D

I'm gonna totally marry a French next time *dai*
Okay I'm done with French dude. Moving on, we visited a fishing village.

Their fishing village is nothing like our Pangkor Island seriously.
They don't stay in wooden houses/concrete houses.

They stay on concrete boats.

Kesian the dogs living in those houses. If a dog as hyper as Peanut lives here, that boat will probably sink wtf.

Omg this picture looks very pro right right right :B

One of the famous spots - Cao Cave.

I feel very proud of my improving photography skills wtf.

After visiting the fishing village, we had a boat rowing competition among guests on the junk. I was the only girl on my team. French dude and the others were on the other team.
*flex muscles* you should know which team won :)
Okay fine we cheated, but we won. End of story.

I didn't take pictures in the afternoon cos we went swimming in the sea.
When they announce that we're free to swim, the french siblings just took off their tees and somersault into the water. Can instantly melt there okay. So hot flexing their six packs and all.
I went swimming with a life jacket la, so... yeah.

After swimming, I very 'angmoh-ly' decided to go sunbathing.
I left after 5 minutes. Couldn't tahan the sun.
Frozen yogurt + Ipod + awesome view +hot french reading next to me. MLIA :)
Pictures starting from here are not edited.

I dont know how time flew but yeah the sun started setting

Before dinner we had cooking class. Which lengzai French didn't attend LOL

Stirred fried beef, super nice dou sei. I want nom now T_T

Very atas dinner :)

Day #3 Biggest Cave on Halong Bay

Super awesome croissant before going off to cave.

View from the cave. LOL Looks like something I dug out from my History book on Straits of Melaka in 1940+ ._.

Inside of the cave.

This is called the sleeping area. If you look closely, there's a dick pointing directly at a hole. Swear I didn't make that up :)

Last picture of French before heading back to shore.

Halong Bay Cruise was seriously the best few days of my trip.There were actually more sight-seeing to do like fighting cock rock (symbol of Halong Bay), National Park and all that. Will totally come back some time later to finish what I missed. Sadly, there are no direct flights to Halong Bay. The nearest airport is in Hanoi, which is 4 hours away but fret not, they're building an airport on Halong Bay shore in 2020 ! :)

After a tiring 4+ hour drive back to Hanoi, we were supposed to go to a huge shopping location (according to schedule)
Turns out, it was a place that sells carved wooden statues. SO POTONG STIM OK.
I wanted to go hunt for petshop brand bags and that tour guide gimme craved wooden statues. Everyone was really unsatisfied so we requested to go to some market place to shop.
Tour guide says its hard to find a parking space (It was approx 3pm at that time) and suggested we go back to the hotel and wait for dinner at 6.
Oh yeah, so 4 hours in the van isn't even considered resting ?

We complained so much that the tour guide agreed to drop us off Dinh Tien Hoang street near Hoam Kiem Lake for shopping.
NOT CHEAP. If you think you can go get some cheap good from Vietnam, SO WRONG.
Chilled at a cafe called Illy.

Viet coffee is loveee

The waitress was pretty cute :) but he looks ghey wtf.

Viet Beef noodles after that. So.Awesome.

Last Day - Confucius temple, Ho Chi Minh's body.

I think it was some kind of bad omen we went into that cafe called Illy cos the very next day, everyone got ill and had to go to the hospital. wtf kan.
Mum was so sick that she stayed at the hotel to rest. (So much for complaining when the tour guide asked us to rest)

Security at the Ho Chi Minh's memorial hall was really really tight. No shorts, no water bottles, no cameras, no talking, no spaghetti straps
Very coincidentally, I was wearing the shortest shorts you can ever find in my wadrobe and the retarded tour guide didn't inform us earlier about anything cos he ASSUMED that we, Chinese won't go in since most of his tours before didn't go in.
Oh yeah, like I can assume he doesn't have a brain and is an alien in disguise.
Thank goodness someone brought a scarf. No pictures inside, so yeah.
The queue was also mad long, I felt like I just went back to Tokyo Disneyland. Just that 10 degrees Celsius hotter. pfft

The place Ho Chi Minh layans his guest.

Everyone was sick, tired and hot. The only reason I went into the museum was cos it was air conditioned LOLOL. Our tour guide didn't really tell us anything about this place. ::shrugs::

I didn't really look at the traditional clothes/weapons in the museum. I was fascinated by this.

and this. SO CUTE CAN.

and this. Okay I have no idea what is that.

Later on, we went to the Confucius temple. Vietnamese used to speak Chinese, until the French invaded and took over their country. So they still have some Chinese traditions in them

In olden days, if you have a high rank, your tortoise's head will be higher than the others.
It was hot and smoky, I was asthmatic so I stayed outside and started stalking random people.

I saw Prince William and Prince Harry

I saw uh.. Lee Hom ?

I even saw ROBINSON CRUSOE. Ftw !

In the afternoon, we were supposed to go on a tricycle ride. One of the three things you must do in Vietnam but everyone was so sick that we requested to go back to the hotel.
LOL, I bet anyone who was chosen to be the tour guide of our group had definitely killed someone in his past life to receive such bad fate. *sigh*
Went shopping at the same street again.

Last picture before heading back to Malaysia


Everyone is still sick now ._. Especially me. Antibiotics don't seem to be working and there's test tomorrow. I'm really really gonna flunk my test this time.
I don't mean to be disrespectful but. OMG Uthman bin Ertughrul bin Sulaiman Shah. CAN YOUR NAME GET ANY LONGER ?!

Nan Hwa's Installation was last Saturday and four people from my school went.
Jude, me, Chee and Kenny.
Someone please remind me next time to never go out with 3 guys to a function EVER AGAIN. Especially when you know no one there, they have dSLRs, they love looking at girls and they won't talk with you when you're alone. So much for having guy friends ::roll eyes::
Opting for the rich mistress look wtf much xD

I'm still mad at him, but I love this picture of me. Not him.
and no people, stop assuming we're together. Come on, I'm not lesbian D:

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