First ever subject failed.

by - 6:02:00 PM

Haven't everyone failed in something ?
Well before today, I used to say I never failed in any of my subjects.
Until I randomly flipped through my certificates.

Behold, the first ever subject I failed in.

Who in this world would fail PE ? (gym class)
Apparently, me.

I'm like the only one in class who hates PE and thats not because I hate exercise.
Its just cos I suck in all kinds of sports.
Even virtual sports. Don't believe me ?
Try playing Wii sports / sport games on ps2 and I ensure you you'll win everytime.
Now you can all imagine me as an obese woman that has never ran in her life before.

Just kidding, I very pro in jogging one okayyyy. Just that PE doesn't do jogging.
F PE's L.

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