Thursday, August 26

Fighting for peace, Screwing for virginity

You know what, just days ago I read this quote saying

"Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity"

Today, I flip open the newspapers for the ___ (fill in number less than 50)th time of my life and I had to read the most disgusting news ever.
This 63 year old bomoh, actually raped three sisters to cure their sickness and restore their virginity. What.the.flick.
Read news HERE

The older sister actually wanted “health, beauty and a nice voice
I seriously cannot.believe that some people would go to the extent of seeking a bomoh for help with their voice. Omg dai. What has this world become.
What, you think you're Little Mermaid and with the flick of your dad's fork thingy you'll.... oh wait sorry wrong example. Moving on.
Health and beauty can be improved with vitamins and makeup. Whats the use of seeking a bomoh ? So now being screwed makes you pretty. No wonder prostitutes are all so pretty. Just kidding wtf.

The two younger sisters seeked help from the bomoh to “restore their virginity and tighten their private parts”. I have comments of people saying why don't they use screwdrivers/uhu glue. Exactly, I bet using uhu glue is better than being raped.
They're 14 and 13, what do they mean by restore their virginity ? How to restore if you didn't lose it in the first place ? And losing it restores it ? Chao confusing okaay.

Enough of the sisters, back to the bomoh.
This dude, "was laughing uncontrollably when an underwear with blood stains was shown to him in court as an exhibit."
I am lost of words. He's just too sick

Whats with all these sick people recently ? Everyday in the papers, at least someone is raped/killed/slashed/robbed. Even the auntie who sells rojak behind my house was slashed by unknown people whom she thought were people wanting to buy rojak. Whats funny was, those people who slashed her didn't even take anything from her. Its like they have nothing to do and they decide to go slash people just for fun in broad daylight.
Don't they have anything better to do ? Why can't they just sit at home and facebook/youtube/watch a movie or something. Gosh.
Get a prostitute if you're desperate. Stop raping innocent girls.


Dylan Phuah said...

the uneducated.

Ilidina.. said...

the bomoh is sick! how can he be laughing?

TOLANIC said...

I didn’t know virginity can be restored.

Ronnie said...

wondering what sentence he will get !! hopefully not just HANG ... but other torture before the final one !

Hilda Milda™ said...

OMG, he should be whipped and sentenced to death right away!

Michelle Chic said...

omg, that is just sick...

j_fish said...

seriously sick man. and i dun understand why the teenagers need to restore their virginity.. if they're brave enough to have sex at that age why would they wanna restore it..

the slashers are mad too. i heard my friend talked about a guy banging into someone's car so that they can beat the guy up when the person get out of the car.

Katak said...

Oh, wth?
I'm going to slap him in anytime second.

Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

Hate such perverts. Not saying that martial arts can do much in this, but at least you still have the little possibility to give them your best punch. :) That's why I learned taekwondo until 8th grade.