Discovering Hanoi, Vietnam

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Few things noticed on the first day of Vietnam :

#1 There are no terrorists
So to all the people who asked me not to die and be careful of bombs, Vietnam is not war-ish like Thailand its PERFECTLY safe.
I'm serious ! Its more or less something like Malaysia.
Safe I said, not honest.
Once at Hoa Lu (also known as Halong Bay on land), we went into a toilet which is made up of a drain and a door that can't be locked. It costed us RM2 wtf.
Policemen there earn RM1000 a month but they rake in at least RM20,000 from rasuah.
At least Malaysia isn't the worst lor :)

#2 Scariest thing -- Traffic
In Vietnam, if you look left look right then look left again, you'll never get to cross any road.
Imagine mat rempits from whole of Malaysia gathered in one small city. Thats how many motorcycles there are in Vietnam.

My brother said "Close your eyes and walk. The next thing you know you're across"
Never look left and right, just cross and enjoy motorcycles zooming around you :)

Just look at the tourists and motorcyclists.

Night view from the Dinh Tien Hoang street near Hoam Kiem Lake

#3 Vietnamese eats everything.
Fancy some dog/cat/half born duckling/snake meat ? Vietnam is the place for you.

Famous Vietnamese Snake Wine.

Dog meat sold at stores like pork.

We didn't try any though, because they don't sell it during full moon and that was the only time we were free. They say selling dog meat during a full moon brings you bad luck.

#3 Vietnam is VERY dusty.
At the end of our trip, the whole tour went to the hospital. Everyone was sick.

Smoke, dust everywhere.

Its as if the whole country is 'under construction'

Locals ride their motors like that. Cover everything except the eyes LOL

#3 There are no fat people in Vietnam

They have tall but really squeezy houses. No lift, so imagine climbing up and down the stairs.

Richer people have nicer houses, but its still at least 3 floors.

#4 French dudes !
There are TONS of French people walking around Vietnam. Its like they've conquered Vietnam before and they must visit their used-to-be-ours country. In addition to that they're so hot you can totally melt.

For example this French guy. I met him on the cruise. Its a long story, will talk bout that later. He's just awesomely hot :)

or this guy :P
Aiya, you get the idea. Its a really huge lengzai land.

and lastly
Vietnamese food is awesomeeee

Will update a real update about Vietnam next time. Stay tuned !

Oh wait, one last thing
Ivan is awesome
*coughs* Sorry, I didn't mean to lie. I've always been a good girl and the last time I lied was really really long ago. *cough*

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