Monday, August 23

The condom incident

Yesterday, I was off to 7-11 to get myself some phone credit. (I don't know where my credit usually run off to considering digi campus lets me sms for free. LOL)
I went up straight to the counter and noticed this guy who looked somewhat around my age (Older than 13, younger than 21) walking around awkwardly looking at prices.
He picked up something and stood next to me waiting for his turn at the counter. I saw him putting this packet of green sweets on the table with a huge number 28 on it.
Something like that
Being kepo, I leaned forward to see what brand of sweets they were.
Turns out, it was condom and to make things worse, I turned and stared at that guy for a whole 5 minutes and he stared back before walking off to his motorcycle.

Whoever he's going home to fuck must have killed someone in her past life to deserve someone as fugly as that *sigh*


Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

Lols this is so mean :) Keke but I like it!

Magdeline said...

hahaahhaaa =)

Hilda Milda™ said...

the good thing is he's having protected sex which deserve a thumb up :p lol

Ronnie said...

agree with Hilda ! Hands up saluting him coz won't have kes buang bayi !

John said...