Whats the use without your support ?

by - 6:50:00 PM

ACS Military Band used to be famous, it used to be one of the known bands.
What happened to it ?

Now, in school, everywhere I go, people are criticizing the band. They say how tiring and sucky it is and they suggest we should just demolish the band.
Whenever someone in the band doesn't do well in an exam, the first thing the parents will blame is the band. Not their own kids, >BUT THE BAND.
They say the band is a waste of time, too time consuming and stuff like that.

In three years, do you know how many members we have lost because of all these things the students and parents are saying ?
I am not gonna deny that we don't even have enough members right now.
Demolish the band you suggest ? Over my dead body asshole.
Why do people criticize instead of even trying it out ?

Dear parents, I don't know how un-generalknowledgeful you are, but do you know music actually helps your brain to pay attention ?
So why don't you ask your kids why they don't study instead of telling all the other aunties and uncles that ACS band is the reason their results slip, causing more parents to not let their children join band ?

Everyone used to have tons of fun during band practices. We didn't really care if we didn't win the competition because its the practices and the fun we had during it that makes it all worthwhile but whats happening now ?
Even though tiring, everyone had the passion.

Instead of trying out the band, instead of enjoying what they play, they critizise and spread rumours about the band, giving everyone a bad impression of band.
They say there are too many practices. If you're saying that, that must be the joke of the year. Our band is even thinking of changing to a concert band. We only have 2 practices a week, one is on Saturday and one on Tuesday.
If you think THAT is too much, you need common sense.

When I went to watch Nan Hwa's band performance and also the most recent Sam Tet performance, you could really feel the non member's support.
They cheered, they shouted, even if they couldn't join the band, they gave their full support and I believe, that support is the main thing that is pushing their band forward.
Without your support, do you think we guys will EVER succeed ?

Don't critizise us if you haven't even tried to do it yourself.
At least we're trying our best and not criticizing other uniformed bodies.

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