Friday, July 16


Today I got humiliated by a teacher, I wanted to apologise to her and before I could say anything she told me to go back to class and she didn't want to see me. wtf.

Today was also super embarassing, I feel mad thick skinned naoooo.
I hate it when someone is talking to someone BEHIND you and you think that person is talking to you, you start replying and at the end of the day, no one is talking to you.
Get it ? Okay nevermind.

Today I watched Ong Bak 3 and Dexter. OMG YOU MUST GO WATCH DEXTER.
Both movies involves alot of blood.

Today is NOT a good day.

And you know what ? I'm so lazy to facebook/tweet/blog/chat and this is what happens when I'm lazy and in a bad mood. --- Pointless posts.

Well at least I have something awesome to look forward to,
Mum's birthday is in a weeks time and there would be a huge party at home with awesome awesome foood. yaaaay :B

and and Interact installation is drawing near ! Time to dress up nais nais !

and and and I'm going to Ipoh to attend Sam Tet's band concert tomorrow ! :D
Okay honestly I'm not really interested in the band, I'm only interested cos its SAM TET'S band, and yeah Sam Tet is a guy school and there would be a lot of people there. I feel like a stalker slash pervert. I shall stop now.
All I want to do recently is just sit and rot.

I think I'll just go do that now and thankyouverymuchpleasecomeagain for reading my super boliao and uninteresting slash idontknowwhatthisis post.
byeeee wtf :D


ken said...

oh you'll be attending sam tet's concert? too bad im not going.. my bro is though.. =)

Hilda Milda™ said...

cheer up. milo ads for you c:

Connie Ng said...

LOL. I'm a sam tet-ians but im not that supportivvee. BTW, do enjoy yourself at d concert. :)

Casley said...

cheers up sweetie.. hope u have a great weekend!! ^^

k0k s3n w4i said...

u mean dexter the series starring michael c hall? love it :D