Very first photoshoot

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Okay I feel very guilty now cos yesterday I ponteng-ed tuition to go Marina Island for a photoshoot. My mum thought I went to tuition after that when I was celebrating my friend's birthday party. omg.
So anyway, I've been a Sitiawanese for 16 years and I didn't know Marina Island was so pretty. Everyone should just grab their boyfriend/dog and go there for a picnic.

The model fo the day was Joanne who was champion of Miss Chinese Campus.
Chee was the other photographer and damn was he good, I felt like a bug :( but heck I'm learning so throw in comments yo ! I know alot of you guys reading this are photographers ! :)










Chee on the other end.




You know what, to all the guys out there, if you want to meet pretty girls, pick of photography and girls will practically throw themselves at you !
Don't believe me ? Since my friend Chee picked up this newfound hobby he has like tons of random girls messaging him asking him to take pictures of them.
Even my other guy friend said How come I want that girl's number for so long she dowan give me but gave Chee without him asking leh ?
So now you know *wink*


This is my first time, sorry if it looks sucky ._.

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