Sunday, July 25


Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I've been really really lazy.
After school I sit in front of facebook and refresh until a notification pops up. Yeah thats what I've been doing for the past month.

Tons of stuff happened this two days !
First of all, I freaking permed my hair.
WTF RIGHT. I can't believe I actually went and did it.
It all happened when I went to Ipoh for the Sam Tet concert and I saw nearly EVERY Ipoh girl having straight rebonded hair. I felt so.. ordinary LOL.
My sister dyed her hair copper red and mum finally cut off her curls. It was a day of hair. I shall name that Friday -- Hair Day.

Tons of people said I look like my sister. Others say I look like Michelle Kong LOL. Just few months ago when I had straight hair everyone said I looked like Megan Kong (Michelle's twin) gosh. I know I look auntie. I shall go flirt with rich uncles and scam all their money when they die okay ? :)
No matter what they say, its gonna stay curly. I'm loving it :B

Saturday, there was band practice. I'm so proud of some of the members for showing up for practices ! Even though the numbers are still little but at least there's improvement !
Chee came over and made sushi for Interact handover party.
Chee mad pro okay ! He actually rolled most of the sushis. He can qualify to be a girl :)
In case you're wondering, handover party is a party where the outgoing board demands food from the incoming board.
I'm pretty mad at myself for forgetting to transfer the sushi pictures into my computer before giving my memory card to Chee. D:
Anyway the party was awesome, well at least the food was. There were pizza, KFC, apple pie (yes freaking 20 apple pies, imagine the money we spent), spaghetti, curry chicken, nugget, fries, mashed potatoes, sushi and a wholeee lot of things.

This morning there was a photohunt competition in Nan Hwa.
Only a little people participated and gosh, I just noticed how much I suck in photography and without photoshop my pictures are just... bleh.
I had to leave early so I gave my memory cardd to Chee, thus explaining why my memory card is with him and also according to Chee and Jae, there was a virus in the organiser's laptop. Therefore, now our memory cards have to be reformatted.
Goodbye sushi pictures. Fakiuverymuch organiser.

Today is also a superrr special day ! Guess what guess what ?


Say hello to my very pretty mum :D Will update more about mum's birthday celebration tomorrow !
I'm sorry for the boring updates. I'll try to find something more interesting okay ?
My blog count is slipping like crazyyyyyy.
Oh and btw, I'm not going for Interact Installation anymore. Everyone was asking how can I ever skip my own installation but guess what ? I shall be going to HANOI, VIETNAM
For a person who loves travelling, beaches, shopping and food. HOW CAN I RESIST THIS TEMPTATION ? I'm even willing to skip four days of school for it !
The picture makes me want to jump on a plane and fly there RIGHT NOW.

Tonight is also the last night my sister will be in Malaysia. She'll be flying off to Melbourne tomorrow afternoon :( I'll definitely miss her..

but not for long ! Because guess what ? I'm flying there in September !
Muahahahahahah My life is currently doing a nice 9/10 by my standards :D Thankyou dad and mum ! you guys are the awesomest ! :B

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Hilda Milda™ said...

So nice to travel overseas so often! Bring me along too, I promise I wont move in yr luggage :p