Sam Tet Brass Band Performance

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The performance can only be described with one word


and for once, its not because there was a lot of really really handsome people around me.

Duing Yew was the driver for the day, he was awesome ! We didn't get caught in any roadblocks and we definitely didn't die in his car :)

The people who went, Kelly, me and Yi Lin.

We shopped at Ipoh Parade, then went over to Jusco. Had awesome awesome sushi lunch at Sushi King :) SITIAWAN, Please give me Sushi King !

Camwhore in Overkill Ipoh Parade :)

Guys at school, for formal functions, can you guys sort of dress like the guy above ? Normal apek tie and black slacks are gettng VERY boring after so many years.

Before heading over to Jusco, we went to the top floor of Ipoh Parade where we met tons of people there. We even saw some of the guys from RBB, Ringlet Brass Band who joined the band camp with us few months earlier READ HERE
I'm not being racist but there were a lot of malays up there and we didn't really wanted to go near, but eventually we did and guess what, my friend Yi Lin, got molested by a malay dude.
SERIOUSLY, we just passed by them and he just touched her on the face and started laughing. Lucky for us he didn't touch anywhere private.
After that incident, I kept my distance from every malay I saw in Ipoh Parade.
Sorry if you feel insulted :)

Later, at Jusco, we saw this good looking guy near the toilets.
We turned around to look at him then walked off, we didn't stare, I swear.
Coincidently, after going into a few shops, he was walking in front of us with another guy, and COINCIDENTLY, we went into the same shop.
It was really a coincidence but I think they thought we were stalking them, they turned around, saw us and started laughing. Later we saw those two guys holding hands.
Handsome, but gay. Or well maybe pretend to be gay. I feel insulted D: I have more things to do than stalk boys at shopping complexes okay !

Had Jusco sushi and Big apple doughnuts for dinner, headed over to Sam Tet.

The awesome guy who drove us :)

Open Ceremony

Mr Yap conducted. How come we have the same instructor but our standards are so far apart leh ? :(

Piccolo solo.

During interval break, Yew busy messaging all his PGS fans wtffff.

Their percussion was mutha beeping good. Not to mention they're all boys who look super super cool :) I have a thing for guys with drums :D

Video of percussion. I think I said stupid ass too loud :X

Dancing to Jai Ho !

Color guards babeyh :)

Omg i love the lighting of this pic.
Honestly, I was actually excited to go to Sam Tet cos it was a GUY SCHOOL and there would definitely be a lot of handsome people to look at, but yesterday, my main priority was to go watch the concert and enjoy the music.
Thanks to that prefect for being too handsome, I couldn't enjoy it to the fullest.
He was a prefect on duty and there was this girl sitting behind me. When he passed by, the girl behind me said to him wo ke yi gen ni zuo ma ?
It means "can I sit with you" in chinese, but if you're perverted it could also mean "can I make love to you" which sounds wrong to me.
I heard the guy simply replying "Talk later" and ran off to the other side of the hall. If you think it all ends there, you're simply wrong.
The girls COUDLNT STOP talking about him loudly about how handsome he is and how they're gonna get his number/take his picture.
and I thought I was crazy over handsome people -.-

No doubt he IS very handsome la.

Drummer major :P

Ex team, their ex members actually came back. woah

Love max this pic, there were interactions with the audience which made the show much more entertaining.

The three amigos.

My favourite part of the show was this

They acted, while the band played the accompaniment. It was freaking awesome :D

Clarinet solo

Everyone went high when the band played Nobody-Wondergirls.

More Jai ho ! :)

Omg, and from far i spotted someone who looked like my bro. CUTE MAX LA HE. :P

After concert, Yew with his fans. As usual.


More Us.

After that we went to Tang Sui Gai. I had a hard time pronouncing that -.-
Met up with some PGS girls. Well at least Kelly and Yew did, I didn't really talked to any of them. It was really awkward XD
Fetched instructor Cheah home before we head back to Sitiawan :)

I guess it was a pretty productive day :) I had my share of sushi and handsome boys.
Satisfied max :D
Oh and by the way, I feel like a pro now, LOL I didn't know what the prefect's name was, I didn't know ANYTHING about him, and I found him on facebook.
Omg why I so geng chao one wtf.

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