"Next CEO of Apple" is back to Malaysia.

by - 12:18:00 PM

Yesterday mum and bro reached KLIA from Bintulu and was suprised when my sister jumped out of nowhere. She's currently studying in University of Melbourne and she decided to suprise my parents at the airport by buying an airplane ticket back to Malaysia without telling them.

Just few weeks ago she told my mum she didn't want to come back here because she wanted to spend her winter holidays with her friends there which made mum emo for a long time LOL.

My sister is a huge Apple fan and is always talking about being the next CEO of apple.
Or goople (apple + google) whatever it is, LOLOL.
So I tried photoshopping her, extracted her.

Seriously, this is like the first time I've extracted something so nice even though it still looks weird and out of place
CS5 is seriously amazzinggg :B


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