Tuesday, July 27

Mum's birthday + sis farewell.

Mum celebrated her XXth birthday last Sunday.
There was supposed to be a party on Saturday but it was canceled for some reason but even so, we had an awesome awesome awesome time :)

We went to Michelin Star for dinner that night. Those of you Sitiawanese who hadn't tried it must go try ! I can't find anything on the menu that tastes sucky. Well except for pork since I don't like pork :B

Dinner for the night. EVERYTHING, in one :)

With dad's friend from America :)

Say hello to my brother. He loves food and he never smiles.

After dinner we went home to continue our celebration :D

The cake, ruined a little.

Dad and his bouquet of roses.

Birthday girl and also my brother gawking at the cake.

Macbook pro card.

Meet the creator of the macbook pro card.

Everyone. OOF D:

The next day we went to KL to send my sister off to Australia.
Yes it was a Monday and yes I wasn't at school. I went shopping in Mid Valley instead after sending my sister off. Genius max.
My sister had lectures that morning too but she was still in KL at 1 LOL.

The siblings.

S&B lol

Goodbye sis ! Will miss you tons. Hopefully the next time we meet you'll bring your new boyfriend okay !

Fav pic max :B
Told you my younger brother NEVER smiles.

It has been one month since my brother and my sister came back to Malaysia but it felt like just one week. I'll really cherish the moments we have left together before everyone goes abroad to further our studies. Will be really looking forward to the next time we can gather together like this. Love you guys *hugs*


♥ :

Many people don't appreciate what they have until its gone.
We had the chance to be together but we spent it blindly on arguments and quarrels and now we've lost that chance. Both of us regretting won't ever bring back the time we had.
All we can do now is mend the future. Hopefully there will be time in the future for us to mend all this shitz.


TwiLight said...

It should be claled MacCard

Hilda Milda™ said...

Your brother is so cute :p Feel like pinching his cheeks! Btw, I like yr floral top and yr curls look good on you.

ken said...

happy family! haha..
happy birthday aunty! =)

M-Knight said...

1 happy family and I like the Macbook pro card..:)

dilysyeak said...

WOW SHUWEN!! u look like yiwen MAX after curling ye hair! LOL! =]

Vin Tsen Gan said...

I have to say, your whole famiy look alike wei! Happy birthday to your mumsy =)

chris federick said...

Happy birthday to ur mom. Oo cool ur sis coming here ;) She will enjoy australia i'm sure.

Mindy said...

happy bday to ur mum...i guess i juz saw oreo cheese cake??