Friday, July 2

Grow up la -.-

There were rumours about this argument of this girl with two guys at school.
I have nothing to say about that argument as its none of my business and it sparked from a really little problem like lets say, the guy teased the girl and the girl scolded him in public.

I saw their profile updates on facebook, I won't reveal names but this girl has some online friends who were really protective of her.
Whatever their problem is, I don't care but I was particularly mad when I read some of the comments by those 'online friends' who call themselves her brother.
This online friend, who apparently is from KL said

however K.l ppl sure high class den sitiawan kia...

By the look at his English grammar I could say, he isn't really THAT high class -.-
When are we even divided into classes ? We stay in a place with no shopping complexes. That makes us low class ? Does that mean we stay up in trees and make a living by tapping rubber ? This city kid was seriously cocky.
I love Sitiawan, and I definitely won't take insults like that. More high class ? What does he mean ? KL people have more branded stuff ? Bigger house ?
He even called Sitiawan lapsap. Yes, he called as trash. WTF.

I'm gonna ignore the fact that this KL kid scolded the other person's whole family dogs.
He actually thought the word "Fark Off" would be a new word for Sitiawanese.
He didn't just scold THAT person, he scolded the whole Sitiawan community.
and to worsen it all, he said he thinks boys surnamed LING are aguas (transvestites)
You know what, I feel insulted. So my brothers and my father are transvestites ? He said mostly only girls are surnamed Ling.
Wow, and he said KL was more high classed -.-
If you really hadn't seen any boy Lings out there, then dude, I have a question.

Do you live in a tree, or are you just stupid ?

Oh yeah, he also said boys in Sitiawan have very weird names.
Funny he doesn't say Nigerians have weird names since their president is
Goodluck Johnathan

or or Honduras, for having a player named Georgie Welcome

This KL kid is the same age as me, born in the year 94. They started comparing their age and was saying KL kid should respect his elders.
That KL kid made it clear that he's a big shot in school by saying most of the older people at his school respected him and wouldn't say no if he said yes.

Okay that concludes it, this KL kid is a person who looks down on Sitiawanese, lives in a tree / simply stupid, rude and he's also a big bully at school.
So tell me, WHICH PART, of that sounds like he's more high class than us ?
He, is seriously a disgrace to the community -.-
I don't believe people like this still exist, I thought only small kids at primary school called each other dogs and threaten to tell their mother or something.
pfft. Sitiawan is where I grew up, and yes I take these insults personally.
Dear KL boy, if you happen to read this (which I dont think you ever will), please,

Whats your mental age ? SIX ?


[rin] said...

THAT argument... ==|||
they were shouting about it even in class... zzz~

Aik said...

I agree. He really needs to GROW UP. Please visit my blog if you've time:

M. said...

this is just too lame.
and those boys or that specific boy is very narrow minded i bet.

yep2, love the place where you were born and the community as well :D

cayalah shuwen! <3

kenwooi said...

that's a false accusation! KL might be higher-class because of it's social culture and richness, but the people there can be dumb! =)

suhaisweet said...

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Hilda Milda™ said...

LOL childish people!

MuNsYi SaMa said...

Just let him with his cocky world. He doesn't know how stupid he sounded like.

Azizan said...

you're bullied by that kid?poor you

Shuwen said...

@rin woahh, so serious mehh ?
@M aww thanks ! :D you've been here before ?
@kenwooi agreed !
@azizan no lahhh, they were quarreling over something haha
Thanks for the comments guys :D

Zenghoong said...

High school dramas. Haha, really immature.

Vin Tsen Gan said...

KL people higher class ah? Please la, we are just a bunch of nitwits who get our screwed-up arse stuck in a traffic jam every single day. Don't really seem high class =.=

And and and the only reason we get the 'high class' label is because of the bloody high living cost here. Screw it!

Haha. I'm ze evil and derhaka orang KL who is apparently sick of the hectic lifestyle here. XD

[rin] said...

abo? lol...
they were shouting so loud and the girl started throwing stuff some more...
we just watch them like watching tennis match nya xD

k0k s3n w4i said...

what stuck up twats -.- kids nowadays *sigh*

janice said...

this is what we called childish ppl with childish act lo.

M. said...

oh never been to setiawan before.

i am just saying that, you should keep your spirit goes like this.

being so in love with the place where u've spent most of your life :D

Han Ju said...

KL is not even high class. alot of lalas. PJ is the most high class muahahahaha :P