Friday, July 9

Life is short, appreciate it.

Cancer. What does that mean to you ?
Wikipedia says " Cancer is a class of disease in which a group of cells display uncontrolled growth". To me, its something that destroys your body, something that makes you suffer.
I can list out a whole list of people who had been diagnosed with cancer and the number of people diagnosed with cancer is increasing.
Ten years down the road, MAYBE cancer would be a stage where everyone has to go through, I don't know, but with all these radiation devices, junkfood, fast food and unhealthy living habits developed over the years, chances of US getting cancer would be much much higher than the people who lived before us.

Last month, one of my best friend's mother was diagnosed with fourth stage cancer and that was the day before mid year exams. He skipped his mid year exams to be there for his mother. They seeked for medical treatment but nothing could be done medically, everyone prayed hard for his mother, hoping for a miracle from God.
His mother accepted Christ into her life few weeks after being diagnosed and that was something really worth rejoicing.
She was transferred back home where she rested for the past few weeks.

Last Tuesday, my brother and sister drove me down to Giant just to get ice cream, my friend said to me that he thinks its great I can go out with my family like that. With his mother's health condition, he couldn't go out like I can. Honestly at that point, if I weren't on the way to tuition, I would have just cried in front of him. Suddenly the whole situation just felt so serious.

I was planning to go visit his mother some day, but I procrastinated.
"Tomorrow I plan and see how" was what I always said.
Today, I received news that his mother had passed away and I realise how short life really is. Tomorrow, tomorrow and more tomorrows. Who knew God decided that 'tomorrow' He'll bring my friend's mother back to him ?

We visited my friend just now in the afternoon and I saw a really weak person lying there, bald, with no pink in her flesh, not the woman I met earlier in February when I was celebrating my friend's birthday. Why didn't I visit her earlier ?
My friend told us about how his mother accepted Christ and few days before this, he told us that he said "I love you" when his mother was alive and his mother actually said "I love you too" back. Even though God didn't heal his mother and bring her back to life, but God gave my friend a life lesson, he gave all of us a life lesson.

It is something worth rejoicing, that his mother won't have to suffer through the pain of sickness, its something worth rejoicing, that his mother is now in good hands, in a place of no suffering but we will all miss her. My friend and his family will miss her 10 times more.
We gathered around my friend and prayed, all of us cried together. There were alot of people working at his house, cutting flowers and decorating the house, I was touched at the sight of these people helping out around the house.

I know, from the time she was diagnosed with cancer till the time she departed from our world was really short, but I believe, for the past few weeks, my friend had loved his mother with all his heart, and she had definitely passed away peacefully.

Say what you want to say to the people you love now. Don't wait for tomorrow, because tomorrow is never going to come. Cherish every person in your life, meet up with old friends. Even if you're having a huge row with your father/mother/best friend/boyfriend or any other family member, don't wait till its too late to say "I'm Sorry" because life is short. You never know when someone would come up to you and say

"Dude, he passed away yesterday"

To my friend : I'm really sorry to hear about the news, stay strong, have faith in God that He will make this alright for you guys. This is a life challenge, the toughest maybe, and I know you're strong and brave enough to overcome this. All of your friends, including me, will be here for you when you need us. *hug*


Queen of Babble said...

Realized that I've been surrounded by death a lot lately too. My favourite grandma passed away suddenly last week, and one of my best friends lost her father to cancer a few days ago. My aunt was recently rediagnosed with cancer after 2 years.
All this has really made me look at life differently, appreciate it a lot more and change the way I live.
An emotional and inspiring post. Condolences to your friend, can't imagine what it must be like to lose a mother...

squidy said...

nice share my friend.:D

Hilda Milda™ said...

All these situations remind me to appreciate my family a lot, I can't imagine life without any one of them. I will not feel complete ):
Deep condolences to yr friend.

jfook said...

Be strong and optimistic. Appreciate everyone around us. :)

Kristy Anne Nunis said...

Shuwen, i almost cried reading your post. Deep condolence to your friend. May god bless your dear friend.