Sunday, July 4

Gays and lesbians

For all of those who had been reading my blog would know that, I go crazy when some random handsome boy pops up in front of me.
I don't mean to offend gays out there, I mean its your life, I can't do anything about it but if you're drop dead handsome, and you're kissing a guy, it would be SUCH A WASTE

If you don't know who's this and Kirio, well they're a really famous gay couple in China. They're like semi celebrities already. I have a friend who is a big fan of them and reads's blog everyday. You may ask
Whats so great about these gays ? They're just gays !


They are jaw dropping handsome.
Most of the girls out there would agree with me since they have quite a number of fans.
J.Law is an awesome photographer and if i'm not mistaken also a successful and rich designer. His girlfriend, or boyfriend, whichever it is, is in 2nd year uni and he's only 19.So for short, they're both rich, handsome, successful, BUT GAY.
I don't mind people gaying in front of me but seriously, if you're so handsome, you could easily be a model or something and get an equally hot girlfriend.
Which would be doing this world a huge favour because being a gay would be wasting all the handsome genes :( What about the future generation ?
I bet if he marries a girl and have sons they'll be equally jaw dropping handsome but since he's a gay, there won't be any chances like that.
Which also means this world would have less handsome people.
And with less handsome people, everyone in the future would be dating notsohandsome people since all the handsome people would decide to be gays.
Maybe he should go for sperm donation or something to save the future generations.
hmm, or maybe save Sitiawan. This town is in desperate need of handsome people :)


k0k s3n w4i said...

guys are very visual creatures... we are attracted to physical appearance, first and foremost. so, for a gay guy to attract another gay guy, he would have to be good at grooming and dressing himself. that's also why a lot of gay guys has such hot bods - cos they really take care of themselves :)

if u want hot heterosexual men, u girls have to start being more fussy stop dating ugly but nice guys :P then thru natural selection, hetero guys will become hotter and hotter too, haha

Lukey Cher Hong said...

haha agree with kok! but i just think dat we tend to notice more when the gay guys are handsome and failing to take into account gays who are not.

besides, i'm hot and i'm not gay! (perasan)

Lukey's Rantings

Nana Eddy said...

lols. I do agree. WHHYY oh WHYY?? haha.

MuNsYi SaMa said...

agree with kok..thats the real reason.

Hmm..I do think the guy in the pics is handsome, but i'm straight. :)

Queen of Babble said...

Mmmm~ I think Adam Lambert being gay is such a pity for the female population. He's soooo fine! xD

Phittera said...

LOL kok's comment is super funny. well to me, no loss in terms of these two chinese guys, i dont find them handsome anyway >.< but i know of a successful lawyer who is good looking and gay. SIGH.

drop by here!

pinklover511 said...

Yea...I noe this two guys.. The one who looks more manly is a photographer, i found his blog once.. He writes a gay love story (18sx), apparently, i read it..
I still cannot accept the fact that he's a gay..=( btw, the relationship between him and his father is worst i think which causes him bcum a gay...

SiMon Har said...

such a waste to girls...

janice said...

haha they are really famous! i saw their pictures before, spreading all over the world with emails lol.

♥Baboon Tan♥ said...

lol! can't blame them la. =)
they have their rights too!

dilysyeak said...

WTH!! so handsome!! i din know they even existed.. =.=ll LOL