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Internet connection is finally back ! It had only been like three days or something but it felt like YEARS. Gosh.

Few days ago I was chatting with this dude who claims he added the wrong person on msn.
He then said since he has already added me, lets just be friends or something so I agreed. What harm can there be ? Its not like i'm giving him my contact number or anything, he doesn't even know my name !
So halfway chatting bout school and stuff (I didnt give out any personal details okay !) oh and he's from Singapore with a really handsome display picture which I think is fake.
Okay I feel mean, but its not like some random lengzai will add you on msn and randomly chat with you right ? MUST BE SOMEONE WANTING TO SCAM MY MONEY.

Whatever, we chatted and all of a sudden I was disconnected and for some reason the house phone went dead too.
My handphone also went haywire. I couldn't make/receive any calls.
It wouldn't be so freaky if all of the above didn't happen at the same time.

I started freaking out thinking I gave some personal info to that stranger and he somehow found a way to hack into my connection or something. LOL
Okay I don't even know if thats possible but wth who knows ! He might be some evil genius distracting little girls while they hack into your computer system or something.

Turns out I was just being paranoid. The house phone died cos the phone ran out of battery -.- and my handphone returned to normal after I freaked out and told Chee about it who told me to restart my phone wtf. About the internet connection,read my title.
Yeah, typical reason when internet connection is down. Telekom maintenance, Telekom station down, Telekom workers lazy to work or stuff like that.

On a lighter note, Astro is coming to Kg Koh tomorrow for the "我来自新村" program!
The chinese words means "I come from New Village"
The event will be held in Uk Dih primary school.
Kg Koh is where Sitiawan is, so you can imagine how proud I am :D Only one school from Perak is chosen and they chose Sitiawan's school ! Proud max okay !
So yeah, those people free tomorrow, don't forget to drop by Uk Dih primary school. There's tons of activities, competitions and also a carnival which I heard Sushi King would be selling sushi there ! :D

Band practice today was pretty awesome, we recruited quite a few members after my recent post ranting about the people not supporting our school band lol !
I'm really proud with one of the juniors who I forced to join.
He was on the way to basketball practice when I just randomly stopped him and asked him to join band. He agreed after smsing with a few people and he actually stayed !
After a few practices he can play a little now.
and woots we have two new snare drummers ! Love max you guys :)
Will update again tomorrow about the event and house party tonight !

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