Wednesday, July 14

Dad is in the papers ! :)

Today, there was this bunch of classmates gathering over a Star newspaper and then suddenly someone shouted SHUWEN YOUR DAD IS IN THE PAPERS!!.
So i squeezed among them and instantly I couldn't even recognise my dad ! LOL
Even better, SITIAWAN appeared in the newspapers ! :D


Ling Liong Chong.
My dad's name is pretty confusing. If you know how to spell it, you won't know how to pronounce it. If you know how to prounounce it, then you definitely spelt it wrong.
The real name is Ling Leong Chnong
I always thought people only get confused over the Chong, since its spelt chNong and its pretty impossible to pronounce that.
The Star even got the Leong wrong. haha but thats okay :)
Kong Cho Ha also from Sitiawan weiiii
They even introduced Sitiawan!
So you guys out there who hasn't heard of Sitiawan, faster go get your bus tickets and come over ! Our food will definitely not disappoint you :)
Sitiawan is very the awesome and I love Sitiawan :D


Today this teacher rampas-ed my book cos I was reading in class. I borrowed it from the library and the teacher is practically the most guailan person I've ever known.
I'm pretty much doomed now, thankyouverymuchpleasecomeagain.


Vin Tsen Gan said...

Fuah! Your dad's Ling Liong Sik's brother?!

KwOnG FeI said...

haven been to sitiawan thought i got one fren from thr

v!vi@n said...

congratz to your papa^^

LionGirl said...

Hey, I love Sitiawan's red yeast wine mee suah. Yummy, yummy!

HenRy LeE ® said...

ur dad is so phamous now! haha

Thristhan said...

Sitiawan's a great place to chill. Check out my blog for write up on my holiday trip to Sitiawan. My mum's home town is there :). Congrats to your dad.

TwiLight said...

i'll make Sitiawan famous by getting a gold medal in 2012 olympic!