Wednesday, June 2

He loves you

Yesterday, I dropped by this blog and this is what she said 
If you can understand Chinese, you should go read the original post here
Original post : Si Ying's blog

I translate to English. It says :

"I believe, its not just by any random chance you've dropped by my blog.
I pray that this post will help you in life. I really hope.

My friend,
Do you fear, that you will lose everything you have ?
Do you sometimes feel like you want to give up ?
Like the people, things around you just isn't helping ?
Do you sometimes feel like you can't do what you want to ?
Like when you really want to work hard in your studies, and you can't do it ?
Like when you really want to be a good kid, but you can't ? and you don't know where to start ?
Do you sometimes feel like, the people around you don't understand you, including your closest family and friends ?
Do you worry about your future ?
Worry whether you'll make the right decisions ?
Don't know how to escape 'fate' ?
Do you sometimes hope, there's someone who would truly understand you ?
Do you hope there's someone who will never leave you
Do you hope there's someone who would help you make your decisions ?
do you hope there's someone who would love you unconditionally ?
Do you hope that no matter how bad, how good, how dirty you feel, but there's this someone who would still love you and never give up on you ?
Do you hope for someone who will be there for you when you're loney, someone who will give you strength when you're tired, Someone who will protect you when you're bullied, someone who will lead your way when you're worried about your future ?

Dear friend,
let me tell you this
When i'm weak, He gave me strength
When i'm lonely, He accompanied me
When I feel stressed out, He carries my burden
When I'm scared, He'll hold my hand
He solves all my problems, because He, created me
He never throws me aside, He never gives up on me
No matter how many times I've sinned, He still forgives me.
When I don't feel like I deserve to be loved, He reaches out to me
He told me, no matter what problems I face, if I knock on his door, He will be there to help me.
He has never disappointed me
He loves me, He forever loves me.

Dear friend,
I'm really happy I've known him
and I'm really happy to know you.
I hope you're as happy as me, so I want to introduce him to you.
His name is Jesus Christ.
No matter what religion you are from, no matter what race, no matter what kind of family,

Even if you're from a non-christian family and you think Christianity has nothing to do with you
but today, can I have the opportunity to ask you to finish reading my post?
You may be from a non Chiristian family
You've grown up being a non Christian and had never thought about going into Christianity
but let me tell you this, I'm not here to brain wash you,
I'm not here to pull you into Chrisitianity
I'm not here to tell you to accept Jesus Christ.
I just want to introduce to you the best person I've met.

Christianity is not a religion, its a relationship.

I won't force you to accept Jesus Christ
I just want to tell you
Your God may keep you safe, give you good results in exams
but does fullfill all your needs ?
When you're lonely, does he accompanies you ?
When you're sad, does he comfort you ?
Does he make you happy ?
If you said yes, have you experienced it ?
Or did you just hear it from someone else ?
Let me tell you, my god brought me happiness
He gave me peace,
He gave me courage,
He gave me strength,
He gave me hope,
He gave me a dream !
and just like the way He helped me, He can help you too !
He really wants to help you
No matter what problems you face, if only you ask, He will definitely help you !
Believe me !

You may not believe me now, and you're not prepared to believe,
but I'll just tell you this,
Don't forget what I've told you.
One day when you face problems, you can try asking Jesus for help !
Believe me ! He really loves you, He's waiting for you to call out to him, if only you're willing, he will surely surely help you !
Jesus loves you, I love you too ! "

I believe my God loves me just as much as he loves you (:
I hope this post, in any possible way, helps you in your life.
If only you're willing to let Jesus carry your burden, if only you're willing to call out to him, He, will definitely be there for you.
Have a nice day :)

by the way, omg i think my translation sucks real bad. I'm not really good in Chinese aaand Chinese paper is tomorrow. die 99. Gosh, why can't confucius write something shorter/simpler like 'yo, love your dad yeah' instead of all those long un-understandable poems -.-


Lean said...

Droping by ere Shuwen. =).. Smiles and have a nice day. =). Do drop by to mine too yeah..

Anonymous said...

indeed, Jesus Christ is the best. I experienced it during my days in hospital, He is my Lord my Saviour..=)

wei zhen said...

hey that girl is a form 5 girl form my school.. lol


Yes,Jesus Christ is the best.I know he's always beside when i need him or not.God bless u.

Lukey Cher Hong said...

agreed. nice post. not sure if u fren will get shoot by random atheists from the net though