Saturday, June 5

Where did all the handsome guys go ?

The long waited Mid Year Holidays are here and I'm finishing my first drama :P

Queen of No Marriage
I know I'm like VERY outdated since practically everyone has seen this before.

So this drama is about this 33 year old girl, who is still single. Her fiance left her before the wedding ceremony because of some reasons which cannot be avoided, but he didn't tell her the real reason. For 6 years, she waited for her fiance to come back. She didn't believe in relationships, all she cared about was work,work and work. Everyone hates her cos she's stubborn, demanding and very very rough. Until one Christmas, she met a guy who is 8 years younger than her. Then her fiance comes back yada yada and... i dont know what happened next, it was too depressing for me to watch.

So anyway, this guy who is 8 years younger than her, Lucas is acted by Ethan Ruan

Wen Sheng Hao as her fiance, Yun Hao
Both of them are great guys, both of them have careers
Lucas has a doctor degree, Yun Hao is a well known photographer.
They both are practically crazy over her and would anything for her.
both of them are.. well very handsome. Good in sports, good in fighting, good in studies and most importantly, neither of them are gay.

This is like the most depressing part of the drama okay !
If the girl chooses Lucas, she'll have to hurt Yun Hao and if she chooses Yun Hao she'll have to hurt Lucas and both of them are so handsome.

Okay, back to reality. How come we don't see scenes like this in reality ?
Thats cos,
all the handsome boys went on TV -.-

This post is pretty pointless, I'm not retarded and I'm very clear that scenes like this don't happen in reality because it only happens on TV.
and btw, (again) to all those bloggers who commented on my previous post, thank you guys (: Seriously really sweet, you guys are awesome. Love you guys to bits !


kenwooi said...

dramas are kinda fake la.. just for entertainment purpose =P

SonnyKazu said...

Ahhh!!! LengZAI!!! :P

Shuwen said...

@kenwooi agreed ! :)

John said...

idol drama. nothing but junk

ohmywtf said...

handsome guy was here :-P *cough*

Shuwen said...

@john entertainment okay ! :P
@wtf naaah, you can go become pornstar :) suits your image LOL XD

Lukey Cher Hong said...

who say real life no handsome guys, the fella typing this comment is one of the handsome ones...

TOLANIC said...

What about sexy girls? Hard to find also.

Ch3rry said...

OK! Going to watch it too! Sounds interesting.

Ch3rry said...

Oh ya... its also known as My Queen. No wonder couldnt find it.. Hahaha ^^

Shuwen said...

@lukey aiyaaa, normal reaction from a guy XD
@tolanic uhh, pub or clubs ? :P
@ch3rry OH YEAH, My Queen XD I've heard it was Queen of No marriage before but i think its more popular with the name My Queen ehh :)