Monday, June 7

What I hate on facebook.

This is sick

I'm getting an average of 2 friend requests everyday recently and its getting really annoying. There's all kinds of people trying to add me, including the stalker which i happily ignored.
I USED to accept strangers, until one day I noticed I have too many people on my facebook list who added me cos "oh, i simply add only (:"
Just like how I simply delete.

I'm not the kind who totally ignores people who add me, I actually find out who they are and I only accept bloggers or people I've actually talked to/seen before.
I accept people who would actually care to visit my profile, people who would actually interact with me.
Cos thats what facebook is for. Making FRIENDS.
I don't need 1,000 + friends whom I've never seen before, never comments, never talked to nor seen and if all that 125 people really wanted to be friends with me they could've messaged me after noticing I didn't approve them after so long.
but nooo, they would simply add me and go like 'uh i dont know you but i think i added you cos you're friends with XXX'
Even my dad finds friend requests annoying.
Tons of people in school and also random Sitiawan people add my dad and everyday he would ask me whether all those are my friends and why they're adding him.

Facebook is a place to INTERACT, to MAKE FRIENDS.
Not add them to increase your number of friends or add them just cos you felt like it.
What I hate most are facebook shops. They add you and tag you in all their products to promote what they're selling. If I really wanted to buy something I would add you, no ?
Sorry, I don't make friends with people who add me for fun and never talk to me.
I'm not being a bitch, I'm a very friendly person if you get to know me.
I know I very pretty, if you really want to stalk me or know about me visit my blog instead okay.
I sound cocky, but how would you like it if you have 1000 + friends who you don't know ? So what if you have TONS of friends but none of them ever comments on your page ?
Add me, to be friends. Not just cos you think your mum's boyfriend's son's girlfriend's grandma's friend's friend's daughter's boyfriend knows me okay.

I don't accept strangers.
I accept bloggers though :P

Oh if you're wondering why I didn't ignore all of em its cos I'm too lazy and I thought it would be mean :P


kenwooi said...

lol.. why not just ignore all? =P

John said...

u find ur own trouble leh. just set the privacy setting to only friend can see ur profile la. then, picture, wall, info, everything, set high level.

Shuwen said...

@kenwooi cos what if one day, I actually do meet those people and I actually do make friends with them in reality, then I can approve them :P and it wont be too late haha !
@john its because I set high level thats why random people are adding lorr. If I set low level people won't add since they can already see.

keLiCious said...

I totally agreed..!! Why add all these people!!! I don't add random people as well!! Is really kinda of irritating!! i think is just like Friendster!!! :)

Jack Ng said...

add only frens ... or ur profile will b full in no time :D
and i like ur words of "i don't accept strangers . i accept bloggers though :P" lol

fiona06 said...

hehe ^^ I never did like accepting strangers, I find it weird having outsiders view all my pictures and all. But there are those who accept to increase their no of 'friends'

JoYce said...

I used to have the same problem, I got fed up one day and ignored all of them and totally privatised my fb. I still get random adds though...not as many as last time. =.=

Lukey Cher Hong said...

aiyah girls is like dat geh la.. but smart move, you'll never know what will happen when someone random adds u.. like dat guy i mentioned in my blog

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahaha i guess we the sensible people wont just go around randomly sending friend requests! LOL

in my case, i would check the mutual friend and ask who is this person?

if i dono them/not related/the mutual friends also dono, then 'Ignore'

haha =P

Adyba Jee said...

I agree with you. I am kind of pissed off because sometimes they just want to stalk. I did set it to invisible to network so strangers can not find me or even add me only if i knew them. But there are still lots of pending request in my fb. whew!

kianfai87 said...

sometimes I saw my friend also, random add . . . =/