Toy Story 3

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I used to love huggy bears and I have ALL KINDS of bears up in my cupboard.
When I first saw the Toy Story 3 poster, my first thought was wtf why that bear so cute one, I guess he's the cute one who talks like Barney and has no brain
but omg after toy story 3, I'm seriously NEVER gonna look at a huggy pink bear who smells like strawberries ever again
Looking at him makes me think Barney is gonna pull out a knife and with a huge grin on his face, kill all the little kids who says i love you. wtf scary max.
Okay what actually happened ? GO WATCH TOY STORY 3 !
Its definitely a must watch.
Before I watched I actually read tons of reviews on Toy Story 3 and everyone said it was a must watch. I actually thought there would be a full house, so me and my cousins actually went earlier to buy tickets. To our amazement it was empty.


I was actually picturing people queuing up buying tickets for Toy Story 3 but nooo, everyone went for Karate Kid instead. Well Karate Kid is awesome too but HOW CAN THEY DITCH TOY STORY? gah nevermind, I enjoyed myself to the max :) MUST WATCH!

When I was young, I LOVED TEDDY BEARS and I hated Ken even though I loved Barbie.
Well thats cos I had Ken phobia.
I used to have this Prince Ken and this Princess Barbie and I always pictured them living happily ever after but after looking at Ken so much, I thought he was really ugly so I broke his leg. Oh wait, I'm not sure how it broke but yeah he had only one leg and Barbie was a princess. I mean, HOW CAN A PRINCESS TAKE CARE OF AN OKU LOR ? So my Barbie turned lesbian and Ken was left abandoned in some store room at home.

Omg Ken must mad hate me right now, I feel his pain sigh.
But surprisingly, Ken is my favourite character in this movie !
I know he looks gay la but trust me, you'll love him after the movie :)
I love touchy cartoons and at one part I started crying and my brother turned to me, laughed and went YOU'RE CRYING AR? wtf mean max.

I promise I'll go dig out all my toys I've abandoned and give them to someone who will love them. Ever since Toy Story 1, I've been waiting for the scene where Woody starts talking really loudly and Andy hears him and knows that his toys actually come to life.
LOL but disappointed lah, I don't think there'll ever be that scene.

So after the movie, me and my cousins went for mcd supper and on the way there someone messaged me saying mcd was full.
Mcd in Sitiawan is always full. Its like the ultimate tourist attraction, the coolest hang out spot and well since its the football season, definitely its full but are there REALLY so many football fans waiting at mcd for a 2.30am match at 1.30am ?
Yeah, he meant full on the side which has TV -.-

Rating for Toy Story 3 12/10 ! much loved :D

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