Supermarket that sells EVERYTHING

by - 12:20:00 PM

My big brother in America is coming back to Malaysia on the 25th ! (:
So every year when my brother comes back, everyone would ask him to buy LOADS of things cos some stuff in America are just cheaper and better plus my brother can buy stuff from Ebay with free shipping while we have to pay idkhowmuch.

There's this supermarket in America called Costco
Its like Giant, just that it sells absolutely EVERYTHING.
So many things that when mum asked my brother to buy her favourite chocolate from Costco, my brother can't find it. He asked me to go search on their website

Just look at the tabs.
Computers, books, beauty, electronics, floral, food supplies, furniture, funeral, health, instruments, Jewellery, Pets, Outdoors, Toys and games.

I was searching for chocolate omg their chocolate damn pretty and they all look super delicious for mum when I saw the funeral tab.
I thought they sold flowers for funeral or some kind of funeral clothes so I clicked.
Imagine walking into a supermarket-like store and saying
"oh, uhm, I need a piano, a Nintendo DS, Cheesecake and also a casket thankyou"
A supermarket so convenient you can even buy your own casket there.
wtf, genius.

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