Wednesday, June 16

Slowly dying

On this date, 10 years ago, most of the Chinese shops in my hometown would be closed.
Why ?
This is because idontknowhowmany years ago, this very patriotic guy committed suicide and on this day, Chinese would eat uh i dont know whats that called but it looks like a ketupat.

Okayla, this actually looks like nasi lemak. Omg so malaynized.
So, how many Chinese actually knows today is the day to remember Qu Yuan's death ?
Many people would be scratching their heads wondering what the heck is Qu Yuan.
Well he's the patriotic guy who committed suicide for his country or something.

There used to be some kind of celebration on this day, but now, no one even knows what day is today.
As years go by, people are just too occupied with other things to care about festivals like these.
Every Chinese New Year, less and less people are going back to their hometowns.
Some even use the cny holidays to go to Europe or some totally non-cny countries.

I miss the times when all the relatives stayed close together and they used to come to my house to eat popiah, watch America Funniest Home Videos or something together.
I miss those times when more than half of the kids in my family come to my house to kill frogs or torture some dying Iguana back in the garden.
Now everyone has gone overseas to further their studies, some have migrated to other countries, aunties are getting old and a 3 hour drive from KL to Sitiawan is just a pain in the ass.

That festive mood is really slowly dying away :(


ilyana said...

really look like nasi lemak daun pisang..hehehe

Mohd Hafiz said...

if i not mistaken.. i ever found that..but i dont know its name.. i got chinese cousin but all muslim... no cny le...hehehe.. Hari Raya also we no go lame.. we have no hometown.. balik kampung.. :)

thomas said...

Tradition are dying fast,if the younger generations don't know what these celebrations are for and don't learn how to make the

Hilda Milda said...

Yeah, I don't even know when is the festival unless people started to talk abt it in twitter/blog/fb HAHAH shame on me

jfook said...

You're right. Everyone seems like forgetting their own roots.

Lindy said...

I think its called Bak Chang? LOL :D

Bruce828 said...

kill frogs or torture some dying Iguana??

Is tis some kind of a ritual stuff?? :P

Shuwen said...

@ilyana yup ! in that picture XD
@Hafiz hari raya also never go back. ouuuuh thats saddd XD
@thomas yeah ! most of the people dont know how to make ald.
@hilda haha ! I didnt know too until my mum talked about it XD
@jfook :D
@lindy OH YAHHH
@bruce no la, my big brother invented it. LOL he says its fun and everyone must follow him or else he'll beat us up HAHA he's the big bully XD