Tuesday, June 15

Piano exam

Guess what ? After a year of last minute practice, tomorrow is the day I get to mengepaisehkan myself in front of an angmoh.

Piano Exam

This is TEN times worse than mid year exams.
You know why ? Cos I have to actually control my fingers, my mind and my eyes all at the same time whereas during mid years all I had to do was use my brain.
What sucks the most is, I ACTUALLY PAY TO PLAY FOR AN ANGMOH.
If this exam was free, I would go in without practicing.

I've been practicing for about 4 hours already today and my fingers are aching.
Gosh, maybe my sister was right, I DONT HAVE MUSIC GENES.
D: okay gotta get back to practicing. I don't wanna fail :(
bye !


Bruce828 said...

I learn a new word today~ mengepaisehkan lol :D

Wish u goodluck in front of that Ang Moh :P

Lukey Cher Hong said...

mengepaisehkan hahaha.... lol
but at least playing in front of a ang moh ma...

Dropped by from Lukey's Rantings

` Yi Han said...

Good luck! (:

Yiwen said...

lol since when i said u dont have music genes

Shuwen said...

@bruce woots ! congrats for learning your new word :P
@lukey luckily she was nice XD
@yihan thanks !
@yi gottt XD haha, quite long ago laah before you went aus i think