New camera !

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Mum and dad just came back from the Mediterranean Cruise and they brought back alot alot alot of chocolate :D :D Sadly, I'm on a strict diet *sigh*
I always thought Athens was a place made up by sejarahwans to make History less boring or to well make movies like Clash of the Titans. I ask you la, how many times have you read the word ATHENS in the newspapers ?

but omg Athens really exist leh.

Mum and dad brought along two exact same cameras. One blue, one pink. Mad cute right, old people also can has couple camera :P
but well, they lost the blue camera and I was pretty sad at first cos I very kiamsiap one, anyone lose anything expensive I also will sad one.

All of a sudden, mum whips out a turqoise canon camera and wtf so mad pretty I wanna change camera with my mum.
Even though a dSLR captures sharp and fast images but lugging a huge camera around is not easy ! I'm always asking someone to help me carry my camera cos its big and heavy.
Plus camwhoring is built in girls, we can't live without camwhoring. Camwhoring with a dSLR ? Not easy. Especially if you have little fingers which shake every 5 minutes like mine.

I still like compact digital cameras :D

uh well unless I wanna go outdoors and take pictures of flowers, birds, dogs, cats, rabbits and stuff like that then I'll like my dSLR la, but well, my favourite subject is still myself :P

Oh wait, not only that, it comes with a super chio Acme Made camera case

pwn all those Sony camera cases. I'm definitely exchanging cameras with mum.

So yesterday, there was this little family gathering in our garden. Mum finally found her perfect wooden table for the porch outside.

Honestly, if you were to ask me to take night shots with my dSLR, they'll all look like shit.

but oh well, I already have a dSLR, might as well use it to the fullest like what Chee said right ? So daddy, can I have..

This Acme Made camera bag so that I don't have to lugg a huge, black and ugly bag around when I need to use my camera ? :P

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