Tuesday, June 22

The need to lose weight.

I seriously have nothing to blog about.
I don't want to talk about the pudu jail thing because its just plain retarded. Its like killing your grandma who's 100 years old just cos you want to 'make room for grandchildren'
Neither do I want to talk about the planning to abolish PMR and UPSR cos if they do that, everyone would probably lose the purpose of going to school and school will be closed down. The teachers teach because of exams and since the start they made education exam orientated. Now all of a sudden they're saying they want to stop all these?

Today something really heart wrenching, life threatening thing happened.
I have this pinafore which was passed down by my cousin who is currently 22 and it had been passed down to my sister, my cousin and then back to me.
I've been wearing it since FORM ONE and I was still wearing it.
It was a LITTLE tight but it didn't really bothered me. So this morning I pulled it out and wtf I couldn't zip it. Being all kiasu I sucked in my tummy and successfully zipped it but it was so gawdamn tight.
Before going to school, I bent down to pick my shoe and wtf I spoilt my pinafore.
I shall now declare that I'm a fatty who has gained about 4 kgs in 6 months. yay me.

I NEED TO GO ON DIET. Exercise doesn't seem to be working because muscle is heavier than fat and I seriously need to make my thighs and arms to go smaller.
Anyone has any diet/exercise tips ? :)


Eugene said...

Eh, if your muscles is heavier than fats doesn't mean u won't slim down. of course u will. all the fats turn into muscles and it will shape ur body but ur weight is still there understand.. yor... zzzzzz x1000

TOLANIC said...

Sorry to say, cut down the diet doesn’t work well. It might for just for temporary and not for the long term. If you cut down the foods, it might lower your metabolic rate. When you accidentally take extra foods, confirm you weight will increase at higher percentage than you are now. The best solutions are to cut down the carbs intake and do a lot of cardio exercises. Good luck.

nana said...

I've been trying to lose weight forever. No luck. Gave up. Have absolutely low or no discipline on it. Good luck to you though!

Alan said...

I recently visited your blog. It is a very interesting one. Keep it up.

sirei said...

still, my opinion is...

it burns fat and calories.

plus, watch out your diet meal.
try low carb and consume protein more.
don't skip breakfast, eat less in dinner and say NO to midnight supper

k0k s3n w4i said...

I took up swimming. dropped 6 kilos in a month. and i lost a further 3 kilos in the subsequent month.

i wrote about it too, here :)


Shuwen said...

@tolanic thanks for the advice !
@nana haha i dont have discipline either ! tkx btw :)
@alan thanks ! come back more often yeahh XD
@sirei Im definitely not gonna have supper :P
@kok woahhhhh, thats alooot.