Wednesday, June 30

Korean Evangelistic Worship

Last night, the Korean CCM Singers and IBIG Band came to Sitiawan Wesley.

"you must be born again" John 3:7

Lets just say, it was THE BOMB and I'm not saying this because one of them is awfully handsome. They seriously rocked the night with their passion for God. I missed it the last time they came two years back and I'm glad I didn't miss this one out !
The saxophone solo by the saxophonist of IBIG band was simply jaw dropping, it was like someone hitting the PLAY button on the radio.
Just listen to this ! This is the only thing I could find on youtube.

I swear its better LIVE.

When the koreans walked into the room most of the girls were screaming over this guy called Park SangKyu

SangKyu is the guy looking at the camera.
He actually looks a little like ace angel (blogger) XD
He posed a 'peace' sign right after I snapped this picture and I missed it. HOW COULD I. After posing he smiled and nodded at me. HOT MUCH.
So yeah, practically all the girls were pointing at him.

The SUPER AWESOME Saxophonist.

Bass guitarist. Cute max !

Park SangKyu singing WOOOTS LOVE.

The superheroes ! :)

One of the singers, he's an awesome dancer ! :D

Saxophonist up close :)

Nah, let you guys see pretty girls :P

Electric Guitarist ! MAD COOL


Happily getting my autograph from lengzai korean :P

Pastor came from behind and photobombed !

I now can has park sangkyu's cd with autograph :D
oh and by the way, he's married if you haven't noticed the ring on his left finger.
Kinda busy with personal stuff recently, so I'm not really updating much.
I'm busy doing boliao things like downloading apps for the Ipad.
If you think I really have nothing better to do, then think of those people who actually created Ipad apps. There's actually an app to make vuvuzela sounds. WTF

WHO NEEDS VUVUZELA SOUNDS ?! Annoying enough on tv !
oh yeah and don't get me started with the farting apps which have more than 100 farting sounds. By the way, HOW CAN PORTUGAL LOSE TO SPAIN ?!
Ngo jit sau mm dou lor :( (I cant accept this lor in canto)
World cup this year is VERY disappointing.


JoYce said...

Coolness..they came to my church in Ipoh too last week!! :D

jumei. said...

Oh, them ! They come for tour every year ! They were in my town on Monday but too bad, I missed it; had things to do then.

They were awesome last year and I went on stage and sang with them ! Muahaha.

kenwooi said...

cool.. i miss playing my saxophone =P

jfook said...

You pastor hahaha...Photobomb max. You should take another photo with him. Just you and him. :P

kianfai87 said...

lulz shuwen dun mad at me ok? u pui liao? =X

jkjk, u r pretty ok? =D

Shuwen said...

@joyce woots ! Canning Garden ?
@jumei eh didnt know you were from Teluk Intan :D omg lucky you !!
@kenwooi waisehh, you can play saxophone?
@jfook haha ! did take with him, but not alone la XD he super cute one
@kianfai omg kianfai, HOW YOU KNOW ONE, I've gained alot alot alot of weight recently XD aww thankyou!

Maxloon120 said...

Is so sweet. The group photo of wearing the superhero shirt =)

Ken said...

Just cant deny, korean girls are so pretty and fair! =)