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Its been quite some time since Ipad was released and everyone is still queuing up to get it. Lucky for me, my big brother who just landed from America managed to grab my family one of it (:

Everyone instantly fell in love with it, including my mum who always said computers are a waste of time and she has no idea why they're invented.

She was exclaiming about how small and light it is. I bet this is like the first ever electronic device my mum knows how to use excluding her phone. haha !
There goes my chances of having the Ipad all to myself. *sigh*

The Ipad is practically a larger Iphone which cannot make calls.

I can facebook with it

I can read daily fml's with it

and omg i can camwhore with it ! :D Love max.

I bet the only thing I don't like about it is that it cannot multitask. My favorite button on the pc is "open in new tab" so it was a little hard for me to have only one thing running at one time. Other than that, I type really really slow. Normally I can chat with a lot of people on msn at the same time, with Ipad I can't since its touch screen and its so much harder to type with.

Ipad also comes with a free Ipod touch !
The price of the Ipad wasn't even as expensive as I expected. Its nearly about the price of a dell laptop ! Now to show you the fatty who brought it back from America :)

Robinson Crusoe spotted playing maple on a purple Macbook pro.
What else did he bring back from America ? :)

Macbook pro. Totally love the color !


WWE champ belt for the wrestling fan.


Just few weeks ago I was drooling over this bag and I even blogged about it. READ HERE
Unexpectedly, dad read it and said if I really liked it I could have it ! :D
My dad is the awesomest dad everrrr.

With the Acme Made bag, I can now go shopping / events without lugging a huge and ugly Lowepro camera bag. How cool is that !

Big bro also brought tons of tees for everyone !
Anyone out there keen to buy dog tees size S ? I have an extra one here which Peanut can't wear and I'm selling it at a price as low as RM15 !
Totally can't find price like that here lor ! All the tees I saw were like RM40 or RM50.
Interested ? Leave a comment ! I'll post up the pictures in my next post so stay tuned !
Gonna go play with the Ipad now. byeee !

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