Increasing crime rates

by - 10:26:00 PM

To all Sitiawanese,
Recently there's this guy with a black Proton Saga driving around town banging into people and expecting people to help him.


According to sources, he'll use this piece of cloth with idkwhatshit chemicals that will make you faint. He'll then.. do what he does. LOL.
So yes, be selfish. Don't help.

I miss those times when people play badminton in the middle of the road like their daddy owns it. I miss those time we can cycle around the taman without worrying being kidnapped. I miss those times we would just squat at the drain outside and catch tadpoles and peacock fishes.
Now, I even have to worry whether Peanut will get stolen or not.
Especially when my house is pretty eye catching now. 
One of the single storey teres houses next to mine was broken in last night. Robbers now don't even aim for rich people. They just rob when there's something to rob. 
Few weeks ago there was a snatch thief in front of my house.

Sitiawan is definitely not how it used to be. 
So yeah, stay in doors and watch 324 on Astro cos Autumn's Concerto is on and Autumn's Concerto is like the best drama ever with Van Ness Wu in it :D

Chemistry paper tomorrow ! Can't wait to flunk it.
I didn't study a thing :( cos I was kononnye too tired to study. 
I hate you physics, chemistry, bio, addmaths. Yes i hate you all.

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