Happy Father's Day :D

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Have you ever had someone who loves you unconditionally ? This guy, who would attend to your needs, who would help you through your tough times, who would always be there for you when you need a helping hand ? Well I have someone like that and he's

My dad is the world's most wonderful dad :D
When I was young, he used to have this huge baseball bat in his walk in wadrobe and once I asked him what it was for. My dad answered oh this is to protect all of you when there's a thief, I can use this baseball bat to hit him From that day onwards, my daddy was my hero :)
When he was young, he would wake up really early to help my grandma sweep the floor and go tap rubber before going to school. I have two grandmothers so yeah you can imagine. Life is tough with half brothers huh. Lets just imagine my dad as.. the male version of Cinderella. Just that well he didn't marry a prince cos he's not gay.
SO ANYWAY, my dad was really hardworking, even though he was really poor and always got caned by the principal. Sometimes I wonder whether my dad is a genius :P He always said he memorised all his geography stuff by picturing the map on rubber trees. I don't quite get it but I think its very genius la LOL.
He went to Monash University, Melbourne after form5 and I truly believe that thats a god given miracle. I mean who in the world could imagine a rubber tapper who wears torn pants to school can be an Engineer graduate from Monash, AUSTRALIA TIM. My dad couldn't even afford to buy a TV at that time.
My family and dad's new company.
My Chemistry teacher once said, it would be hard for a person to be a good husband, a good father and a good lover at the same time. My dad is an awesome father and an awesome husband :D About being a good lover, that, you gotta ask my mum :)
You may think I'm boasting, but I feel that my dad is truly a successful man. My dad started from zero, 0, kosong. Now he's one of the famous developers in Sitiawan and woots I'm proud of my dad ! He was also the Rotary President for 06/07 and also the current PIBG president of my school :) I really really thank god for giving me such an awesome father. To my friends, he's the uncle who cracks really lame jokes and everyone likes him but to me, his jokes are seriously the lousiest, but i still love listening to them.
His favourite food is char koey teow. He says nothing beats char koey teow. Cheap yet nice. In my family his handphone is the most outdated one, but well he proclaims that its the best la. His favourite past time at home is pulling out weeds and after work his favourite thing to do is go play mahjong at the Sitiawan Recreation Club. He may look like a rich boss like everyone says, but inside, he's a country bumpkin. The country bumpkin who provides a family of six :)
He has taught me alot. He once said that even if gold fell from the sky, you can't be rich without work. You gotta walk over the piece of gold, pick it up, carry it somewhere and find someone to buy it. He also always said, if you're stupid but definitely not stubborn. Because stupid people can learn but stubborn people will never learn. Even though he has a REALLY loud voice and has the kind of super creepy glare but I know that whenever he makes me do chores or scolds me, its for my own good :)
I love my crazy father and no one can replace him in my hear :)
Love you dad, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY

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