Tuesday, June 8

Cameron Highlands !

I'm leaving for Cameron Highlands in a few hours ! Can't wait !
There's this really nostalgic feeling in me right now since the last time I went for band camp was after some very.. emotionally damaging stuff. Cameron helped alot at that time. So woots ! I'll be there until Friday.
Mum and Dad are coming back from the Mediterranean Cruise tomororw afternoon (:
Can't wait to see what goodies they got me from Europe :P

I'm in an awesome mood right now so if you popped by and called me a bitch, i'll just laugh at you and continue packing my bag. Seriously.

Well okay, its not just Cameron thats making me so hyper right now.
The main reason is actually cos..


If you're a girl and you hadn't watched this, you must go watch it NOW.
So many hot basketball boys to drool over. 
Plus not forgetting my one true love 

Yamashita Tomohisa
I've been his fan since Form 1 and I've practically dug out EVERY drama he has acted in except for Code Blue 2 and SP since I'm still too lazy to download.
Even though Yamapi is the shortest in the drama, but still he's the hottest :D
He has bigger man boobs than his girlfriend okay !

If you're a guy, its okay, there are pretty girls in the drama too :)
Very sexy cheerleaders hor !
The first time I saw buzzerbeat was in Nagoya, Japan and they didn't have subtitles but I actually managed to understand it :D
Nevermind, just go watch okay. You won't regret. SERIOUSLY. Its Japanese btw.

Okay I gotta go pack my bags now. I'm leaving at 5.30am in the morning, go get breakfast at MCD then go to school. I heard there's 5 school bands going !
I wonder if I'll bump into a Yamapi lookalike there. hmm

I'm just kidding. Don't miss me yeah guys :D
If you miss me also nevermind, you can always come back and visit me again.
Bye bye !

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theeggyolks said...

I always loved Japanese Drama :D Going to stream this drama soon!