Band Camp 10'

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Spot me spot me ! I'm the 3rd sitting clarinetist in the group picture !
Its about the band camp that we attended few days ago.
Band Camp was on the 16th of June, Wednesday at Cameron Highlands.
Time really flies, just one year ago I was at the exact same dorm talking to my girls about my ex boyfriend who later became my uh boyfriend and now is my ex boyfriend.
Okay complicating much but nevermind, its just weird how one year passed by SO FAST.
Last year I was the one standing outside Starbucks complaining to the air saying Hoiyohai, these people so rich one, got money run all the way here buy starbucks when this year I'm the one buying the most Starbucks. Gosh, Cameron makes me miss him.

I shall now stop boring you with my personal life.
This band camp was a combine of Perak Girl's School, San Min Teluk Intan, Ringlet Brass Band and ACS Military Band.
The combine was called Dramatic Band
Rofl, don't ask me why the funny name, ask the guy who named us.

This camp was actually organised by the RBB band members and we had a small concert at Ringlet's basketball court. It was seriously fun meeting up with those people.
ACS had the least band members. All the other schools had at least 40-60 people LOL

Acs band members at Ringlet School. We were late as usual.
I don't have pictures of us practicing cos everyone was busy.

Steamboat for dinner.
Sam Min boys and the PGS girls clicked really well. On the first day I bumped into a few guys asking for the PGS girl's number. So yeah, ACS is more like the outcast LOL :)

I live in Sitiawan and I'm very ulu.
That was my first time drinking Starbucks and to those people whom I've once said you crazy ar, pay so much for a cup of coffee , IM SORRY. Starbucks was wtfawesome.

The PGS girls were talking really loud in the toilet and it pretty much annoyed us, so we had like revenge by gossiping really loudly till 2am in the morning.
See ! We really couldn't get along.
These are ACS shoes

These are PGS shoes
See ! Even the colours we like are totally different ! ACS-ians are all pink and white whereas PGS are all black and black.

We practised the WHOLE DAY on the 2nd day cos the concert was at night.

Grand much ! over 200 people :)

These are ACS-ians playing chess when they're supposed to change and get ready for concert.
They actually found this chess set in one of the desks at Ringlet's school and started playing.
In addition to that, they even tapao the whole chess set back to play in the dorm. rofl.

So, before the concert, RBB was supposed to treat us to buffet which they said earlier they will.
The schools are separated into halal and non-halal food.
There were malays in San Min and ACS, but only ACS ate halal food cos the malays there said they DONT MIND eating pork. wtf, so PGS and San Min ate at a Chinese restaurant and we, ACS, sat at a Gerai Melayu and had Nasi Ayam.
Now you get why PGS, San Min cannot mix with ACS ? Cos they're fucking racist.
We were SUPER mad, they're eating at an airconditioned restaurant whereas we're at a gerai melayu where drinks aren't provided

Ringlet Brass Band

ACS band.

PGS band

San Min, Teluk Intan

We performed ke ai de mei gui hua, The Wild Western, Dancing Queen and Nobody
With a PGS clarinetist

Percussion playing JaiHo !

The guys were dancing the Sorry Sorry dance to Ke ai de mei gui hua LOL :)

The whole band

The audience.

After everything, it was like photo session, tons of people exchanging phone numbers and stuff. Very sadly, none of the ACS girls got any guys's number cos we're too shy. Unlike the PGS girls who were pretty, aggressive LOL
But our ACS boys weren't that bad :)

Duing Yew and Lai Kit had a fair share of fans.
Everyone was pretty amazed how Lai Kit, the biggest guy in our band is a flutist.
Duing Yew had like girls giving him flowers and asking for his number.

Kenny and a RBB snare drummer :)

RBB snare drummers. omg I stalker can.

ACS band :)

We went to Starbucks again after that. All the guys were busy replying smses from the girls which they just gave their number too. I read some of the messages and I seriously wanna rofl. This girl random messaged Kenny telling him she's eating lunch. Its like totally out of a sudden you get a message saying hi ! Im eating lunch ouu how weird is that ?
But still, damn I'm disappointed I didn't get his phone number :(

We had to leave the next morning, so we head out early to have breakfast.

Fail attempt to capture emo shot. I have short legs and I have to run to keep up with him :(

Sorry girls, he's taken :P

Cameron is truly amazing. Doesn't this reminds you of the brocolli in Powerpuffgirl ?

They have the weather, the scenery and omfg the food is a definite love !

Fried brocolli. Omg so good I'm still thinking of it.

Huge and juicy corn. Lai Kit says they're Cameron's ginseng LOL i dont know what he meant but they're muthabeeping awesome.

Honey right out from the comb !

Sweet potato balls

Mr band leader had a tough time dealing with his flowers.

Honestly, I always thought Cameron people were kind of.. ulu. I always thought living among mountains meant their whole life revolves around climbing trees and picking tea leaves but heck was I wrong ! They have like freaking Starbucks in the middle of nowhere. I thought they wash their hair with soap, live in atap houses,have like their toilets outside their houses like in the olden days and never heard of facebook. After this trip, Cameron to me is a place of good weather, good people, not forgetting handsome and good food.

I think, they should name their place Strawberry land.
It sounds cute, happy and nice no ? :)

They even turned Patrick into a strawberry star !
Honestly Cameron's strawberry isn't even nice. Its so popular cos its so comercialized. I mean, they have strawberry umbrella, jacket, doll, earmuff, beanie, shoes, tshirt. For short, strawberry everything. I bet they watch strawberry shortcake at home everyday lor.

Or maybe, strawberry kenny.

Meet Kenny Potter

Random guy with super cool hair

So anyway, on the last day, I was walking on the streets and I bumped into this random guy. I looked up and saw his friend and omg he looks EXACTLY like LinDan.
Okay, now my dream is half achieved. I didn't meet a Yamapi lookalike but I saw a LinDan lookalike. Gosh, Sitiawan needs more lengzais.

Cameron is very the awesome ! So if you've never been there, YOU MUST GO ONE DAY :)

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