Adobe Indesign tryout

by - 9:17:00 PM

Few days ago Kenny gave me the long waited Adobe CS5 CD :D
No, I'm not that rich to get the real one. I'm a cheapstake who thinks twice when buying a peanut cookie and I die die won't pay RM200 + for some CD.

I'm in the school magazine and this guy from PJcad laughed at me for using Photoshop to design the school mags and he introduced me to Indesign.
So yeah, I tried it out.

Not exactly what I expected XD oh and btw, it was just for fun :D
I'm not world's prettiest girl cos if I am i would have more readers D:
I don't like Indesign, for me its really hard to navigate.
I need ALOT of improvment if I have to use this to design our school mag.

Even though I have the whole set, I can't install my Photoshop ;(  I was using CS2 before this and it crashes alot, now after trying to install CS5, it says there's some missing application components.
like I understand what that means -.-

Oh and I finished the drama earlier ! :)
In like freaking two days. I even have time to practice piano for idkhowmanyhours a day and train Gucci :D She's not as stupid as I thought.
Gucci is my dog btw, yeah I know, my dogs have cool names like Barney, Peanut Roselle Von Theodore and Gucci.

and this song is awesome. 
Okay gotta go hunt for more dramas now :D bye bye !

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