Thursday, June 24

9 year old and pregnant

If you haven't heard about it, this 9 year old girl is pregnant.
NINE, not NINETEEN. If she's nineteen it wouldn't be so shocking since tons of nineteen year olds get pregnant and stuff like that, but NINE ?
Imagine one day walking on the street and someone says to the girl
oh hey ! is that your brother ? Omg so cute
and she goes like
uh no... thats my.. son.
That would be SO AWKWARD but thank goodness its not a girl. Or else if that baby girl ever has a rich and handsome boyfriend, her mom will still be young enough to steal it from her.

Then there's Ariel sex scandal
Not this Ariel mind you

Ariel from Peterpan
or you can call him Peterporn now LOL

I'm not trying to play Disney character games with you but he's Ariel and his band is called Peterpan. Read here
Remember Daniel from Malaysian Idol and his song mimpi?
That song was sung by him and I used to seriously adore him, he sort of resembles Yamapi.
Recently his homemade sex videos were accidentally posted on the internet when he lost his laptop and now he has to face 12 years in jail because of his country's strict anti-pornography law. Peterpan finally grew up after all the I'll never grow up stuff on Disney LOL I'm not saying he's right but.. its not like he posted his own vids online right ?

I wonder whether that 9 year old kid would be sent to jail hmm.
Gosh, what has the world become ?

Anyway people, please please please support this campaign ? :P

SUPER EASY, just click that link and click 'support this campaign'
You guys are the handsomest/prettiest, awesomest readers in the whole wide world :D


Hilda Milda said...
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Vin Tsen Gan said...

No actually hilda is tempted by Ariel. Not the cartoon one mind you! XD

Hilda Milda said...

I was trying to say that more artists are turning into pornstars -____- I just dont get it!

Shuwen said...

hahaha ! hilda sent wrong comment LOLOL XD Got seafood la, but where got ice jelly in my post !

jfook said...

Peter porn LOL

~Live Life~ said...

Hi Shu Wen,

Long time no see...=) I'm back...

I think sex education is definitely going to be the next big thing in education to solve all these matters.

Anonymous said...

sex, the most important things!
without sex, you can't post an article now..hahahahhaha

enjoy my big fish!