Friday, June 11

3 days ! :D

Aih, I'm finally back in totally-lengzai-less Sitiawan.
Cameron was the bomb ! :) Its a Perak Girl's School, Sam Min Teluk Intan, Ringlet Brass Band and ACS Military Band combine, 200 over people weyhh !

Okay, I'll blog about Cameron later or something since I've been swallowing Starbucks and tons of Cameron food and I just gained about 2 kgs in 3 days wtf.
But you know what just happened in 3 days too ?
Blog readers dropped from 157 to 96 to 49 wtf and today there's only 20+
Gosh, people really don't read if you don't update.

Thats totally okay with me becauseeeee
My earnings increased a whopping RM20 in 3 days HAHAHAHAH WTF WTF
Okay la, maybe nuffnang gave the money I earned earlier later but still.
RM50 in a month plus !  Mad aweesome, I can has banyak banyak Starbucks :P
Off to exercise, I've never been this heavy in my life before ROFL


kianfai87 said...

LOL! yeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr!

♥ Renise said...

awww... good for you, your earning is really really far more greater than mine. *sobs*

Bruce828 said...

Just because I support u everyday so I deserve starbucks too :D

My visitor so less today and my earning lagi kecewa lol~

John said...

so envy........

HenRy LeE ® said...

wow... not bad la ur traffic! :D

Shuwen said...

Thank you guys for the support ! :D
No need envy laah, maybe nuffnang just forgot to pay me earlier haha