Monday, May 17


Hello readers :)
So anyway, most of the people here know whats Innit right ?
If you don't, well, its a place where bloggers posts up the links of their posts and people either nang, or dang them.
When you click on a title which leads to the blog, thats a nang.
If you don't like what you see, you can go back to dang it.
Something like facebook's like and unlike lah.
Just that, the more 'likes' you get, the higher the chance of you getting on to top 10, which also means the higher the chance of people nanging your posts !

There's this chatbox in Innit and I believe everyone who has been there knows that, it used to be a market. People exchanging nangs, posting up their links spamming the whole chatbox with their links to get noticed. In other words, its like sistem barter in the 20the century.
Most of my readers come from Innit and I used to beg for nangs too.

But now, Innit just grew a little bit more clever.
People who spam are now Banned.

Since zaman before Masihi or something (ter-influenced by History *facepalm*), humans had been creative, inovative ETC ETC, so rules like 'no spamming or you'll be banned' doesn't really stop humans from their wild behaviour, even though Legalisme says it does LOL.
There are a few people creating blogs just to exchange nang links.
That day there was this blog I saw and I feel its pretty pathetic cos there, they don't have any spam rules and you can post up your link as many times as you want.
So just imagine,

" Hey guys ! nang this ! "
" Hey guys ! nang this ! "
" Hey guys ! nang this ! "
" Hey guys ! nang this ! "
" Hey guys ! nang this ! "
" Hey guys ! nang this ! "
" Hey guys ! nang this ! "
" Hey guys ! nang this ! "


When the spam rule started, my first thought was like 'damn, this is not gonna be good'
But now, i feel pretty ashamed of myself because i think, if you write quality stuff, people will eventually be attracted to your blog. Begging for nangs would attract, NANGERS, not readers. If you're good enough, you won't need to beg to be on top.
I just thought of a new idea. I'll just post up the nang link at the end of every post, and whoever wants to nang it, will nang it :)

Remember, everyone likes nangs, and occasionally its okay to fit in some 'hey, dont forget to nang mine' while chatting with bloggers, but begging every few minutes sounds very desperate.

On a lighter note, my blog count for these few days had not decreased even after the no spam rule and instead it increased ! :D woohooo.
and I HAVE to get back to my History studies.
Kerajaan Maritim and Agaria is killing me.
Who really cares about how pro they are in making boats anyway ? :(

For those of you who chose Peanut's picture, don't forget to read The Star Weekenders on the 3rd Saturday of next month to see if he wins ! :D

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Зו В๑๑i™ •× said...

i didn't know! now i am banned =(

read my latest blog post =D

kenwooi said...

my posts always dont get nangs.. lol.. sad thing! =P

Shuwen said...

@taktauhowtospellyournameleh haha ! nevermind lah, i heard 48 days only !
@kenwooi HAHA you don't need to get alot of nangs ! You got so many readers wei !

ohmywtf said...

ok..u dont beg for nang here...i PURPOSELY wanna NANG U..:-)

geNe said...

well, when i nang, i read!